Floating Solar

We are a solar energy solution company that aims to develop innovative and smart technologies for a sustainable future. Floating Solar Solution obviates the need for large tracts of land by installing solar panels on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, lagoons etc. which are available in abundance in most places in the country. Floating Solar PV Systems allows PV panels to be installed on unused areas of water, converting unutilised areas into profitable generators of renewable energy.

Durable & Reliable
  • Stable against high winds, waves.
  • Tolerates variation in water draft.
  • Freshwater or seawater compatible.
  • Corrosion resistant metal structures.
  • PV module engineered for marine use (10 years).
  • UV resistant floats for long-life.
  • Floats have redundant leak-tolerant features.
  • Smart tethering & anchoring solution.
No Environment Impact
  • Certified for use with drinking-water.
  • Freshwater or seawater compatible.
  • Lead- free solar module available.
  • Minimum contact with water surface.
  • Abundant light and air passage for life.
  • Underwater.
  • Resistant to biofouling (algae).
Key Differentiation
  • Made in India*
  • Complies with environmental, structural standards.
  • High quality components for long-life.
  • Heavy, high buoyancy floats with redundant features.
  • Flexible monolithic platform tolerates wind, waves.
Extra Generation
  • Module operates 10-15*C cooler for extra generation.
  • Designed for quick installation and easy O & M.
  • Can be modified for tracking.

Key Projects


NLC - 220KW


NTPC, Kawas 1000KWP


NLC- 220KW


NTPC - Kawas 1000 KWP

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