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"Empowering Tomorrow, Today: Meet the Faces Behind Our Solar Revolution"

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Everyone here is an innovator. Or an innovator-in-the-making.

Sandesh Shetty

Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.

Nitin Kapadnis

Leadership is not only about inspiring action, but it is also about guarding against mis-action.

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Why Join Waaree?


Empowering Sustainable Futures: At Waaree, we believe in the power of solar energy to transform lives and communities. Your work here will be more than just a job; it's a chance to make a positive impact on the environment and society.


Innovation at Every Step: Joining us means being at the forefront of technological advancements in the solar energy industry. Be part of a dynamic team that thrives on creativity and is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in renewable energy.


People-Centric Culture: Our success is driven by our people. At Waaree, we prioritize a people-centric culture that values diversity, collaboration, and individual growth. Join a workplace where your talents are recognized, and your contributions are celebrated.


Professional Development Opportunities: Waaree is not just a workplace; it's a platform for your professional growth. Join us to access continuous learning opportunities, skill development programs, and a supportive environment that encourages you to reach new heights in your career.

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Equitable Workplace

Inclusive Workplace

At Waaree, we foster an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and included, regardless of background or identity, ensuring that all voices are heard and contributions are recognized.


We celebrate the richness of diversity within our team, embracing unique perspectives, experiences, and talents. We believe diversity drives innovation and strengthens our ability to tackle challenges in the solar energy industry.

Empowering Women

Waaree is committed to empowering women at every level of our organization, providing support, resources, and opportunities for growth, as we believe in harnessing the full potential of women to drive positive change.

Women Leadership

We are proud to cultivate a culture that encourages and nurtures women leaders, fostering an inclusive environment where women can thrive, lead, and inspire others within the solar energy sector and beyond.

Equal Opportunities

At Waaree, we are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all individuals, ensuring that everyone has access to the same resources, training, and advancement pathways, irrespective of background or identity.

Embracing Disabilities

We actively embrace individuals with disabilities, creating an accessible and inclusive workplace where everyone can contribute their unique talents and perspectives, fostering a culture of empathy, support, and collaboration.

Workplace Equity

At Waaree, equity is at the core of our values, as we strive to create fair and just systems and processes that eliminate biases and barriers, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to succeed based on merit and potential.

Diverse Representation

We are committed to achieving diverse representation across all levels of our organization, reflecting the richness of perspectives and experiences within our workforce. Diversity strengthens our collective ability to innovate and excel in the solar energy industry.

We offer a whole range of benefits, including:


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Life @ Waaree

Step into the vibrant world of Waaree, where our diverse family of passionate individuals, each bringing a unique background and perspective, come together to harness the power of the sun. Join us on a journey where joy meets innovation, and together, we illuminate a brighter, sustainable future.

Waaree employees come from a wide range of
cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds

Waaree employees come from a wide range of
cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds

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