Having solar panels installed in your home can provide numerous benefits, – lower electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and increased home value. However, if you are planning to relocate to a new home, you may be wondering: What do I do with my solar panel system? Can the solar panels be moved and reinstalled at my new house? What are the costs involved? This blog will provide answers to these common questions for homeowners with solar power systems who are preparing to move.

Assess Whether to Move or Sell Your Current Solar Panel System

The first decision you need to make is whether to move your current solar panel system to your new home, sell it outright before you move, or explore other options. Key factors to consider include:

• The age and condition of your present solar panel system: newer systems will likely be worth moving, while older systems may be better to sell and replace.

• The distance and logistics of your move- Are you moving locally or out-of-state? Consider the size of the panels, the permits required, etc.

• Removal and reinstallation costs – securing quotes from solar professionals will help estimate the full cost of disassembling, moving, and reassembling your solar array.

• New home site analysis – size of roof, sun exposure, and local regulations will determine if relocating the system is feasible.

• Incentives and financing – check state and local solar incentives and policies at both old and new locations.

If keeping your current system isn’t practical, selling it or exploring other options, like donating panels, may be better suited.

How To Move Solar Panels to A New Home

If, after reviewing the key considerations, you determine that relocating your solar energy system makes the most financial and practical sense, here is an overview of the typical process:

1. Disconnection and Removal

Professional solar installers should disconnect and remove your rooftop solar panels, safely packing them for transport. All related electrical components and wiring will also be taken down. Permits for this removal are typically required.

2. Transport

Once disassembled from your old home’s roof, your solar panels and equipment can be loaded onto trucks and transported to your new residence. Extra care is taken to avoid any damage during loading, transit, and unloading.

3. New Home Site Survey

Before reinstalling solar at your new home, an on-site survey will be conducted by installers to map out optimum positioning, taking into account roof size, sun exposure, and local building codes for your new neighborhood. They may recommend a slightly different panel configuration for maximum power generation.

4. Installation and Reconnection

Finally, your solar panels get remounted on the new home’s rooftop or ground-mounted structure in the planned layout. The panels get rewired to reconnect with the other electrical components and the utility grid for your new home. This is all handled by professional solar technicians and electricians.

5. Inspections and Permitting

As with the initial installation, your relocated solar array will need final inspections from the utility company and permitting office to ensure correct functioning and compliance with regulations. Once approved, you can begin efficiently generating solar electricity at your new address!

Key Takeaways When Relocating With Solar Panels

If you are moving to a new home and wondering about bringing your current solar panel system, keep these essential tips in mind:

Carefully assess the costs vs. benefits – removal, moving, and reinstalling solar can be pricey.

Inspect your panels’ age and condition – newer systems make more economic sense to relocate.

Understand all required permits and contracts –for removal, transport, and reconnection to the electric grid.

Hire reputable solar companies – they will handle the complicated disconnection, packing, moving, and reassembly processes.

Account for impacts on electricity bill savings –research state and local financial solar incentives.

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