Most people know the long-term advantages and benefits of installing solar products in their homes. As they have become aware of the cost of buying and installing solar products, they also question the additional benefits. We at Waaree aim to provide you with the most innovative products with exceptional customer service. We now have one more reason to give you to keep shopping with us. We have introduced Waree Prime, a new application program to help you get additional benefits when you buy a solar product from us.

Waaree Prime – Details of the Loyalty Program

Waaree believes in building trust among the users with a permanently collaborated group of partners and retailers to ensure a continuous relationship. As a token of gratitude to the partners who have associated with us, we have introduced the Waaree Prime solar loyalty program. It is an exciting first-of-its-kind solar program in the industry by our company to reward our trusted and valued partners. The application helps you connect with various retailers, end-users, and channel partners of our company.

You can explore a wide range of gifts and vouchers for purchasing our solar products through the Waaree Prime program, and it is also available in the form of a mobile application. 

However, you need to be a member of our esteemed program to experience the associated privileges. Join our partners’ group and help transform the world in noticeable ways by consistently trusting our products and using them for the greater good.

Did you know that we currently have 5000 EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) partners? We collaborate with these partners to provide end-to-end solar products by designing the system, procuring its components, and installing the completed project as and when required. We aim to extend our branches by targeting 10,000 EPC partners by the end of the year. By enrolling in the Waaree Prime loyalty program, you will have the privilege of becoming a member of the largest solar network in the country.

Any individual who buys and installs our solar products can use the Waaree Prime program. Our trusted partners in the program include homeowners, building owners, commercial shop owners, EPC project handlers, solar distributors, retailers, sales associates, etc.

We are proud to announce that Waaree Prime is the first-ever application of its kind to be introduced in the energy sector. Our aim in introducing the solar loyalty program was to ensure a stable and continuous connection with our valued customers across places. So, you can download and get exciting rewards for solar product shopping from any part of India.

Steps to Earn Points with Waaree Prime

Earning reward points with Waaree Prime is easy, and you just need to follow three simple steps to get your privilege now.

Step 1: Registration

You can follow either way to register with our loyalty program.

Submit your contact details to a Waaree salesperson and register yourself with the program.
Submit your contact details to a Waaree franchisee and register yourself with the program.
You can register for the program anytime you buy a solar product from our company. You can also get the details by downloading the mobile application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

So, what are the registration requirements for the program? You must follow a step-by-step procedure to register with the Waaree Prime solar loyalty program. You must fill in the details of your Full name, Valid mobile number However, you do not have to submit any extensive documents to download or earn rewards with Waaree Prime.

Step 2: Submission

You will receive a QR code and a unique serial number every time you buy a product from Waaree. You must send us the product number details by either method.

Send the product serial number from your registered mobile number on WhatsApp to +91 8602844266 .

Scan the product’s QR code or enter its serial number on the mobile application.

Step 3: Earning and Redeeming Rewards

You will receive rewards for shopping for solar products in the form of points. The points achieved depend on the capacity of the products bought because each solar product has fixed pointers associated with it. You can redeem your points for various rewards through the mobile application.

Reward Points and Their Equivalents

You will be subject to multiple privileges once you enroll yourself in the Waaree Prime loyalty program. We calculate the points accumulation by analyzing the milestones achieved by our esteemed partners. So, you will get handsomely rewarded with points for completing each milestone. Here is a breakdown of our reward points and milestones.  

Milestones: 300000 Watt
Points: 21500
Milestones: 150000 Watt
Points: 10000
Milestones: 75000 Watt
Points: 4000
Milestones: 35000 Watt
Points: 2000
Milestones: 15000 Watt
Points: 1000
Milestones: 6000 Watt
Points: 500
Milestones: 1500 Watt
Points: 200

You can browse the Waaree Prime brochure to get more details on the loyalty program.
Gift Categories Associated with The Waaree Prime Program

You will get multiple gift options available in the app once you enroll yourself in the Waaree Prime loyalty program. You can redeem your points from the wallet in your mobile application for the following gift categories:

E-vouchers or discount vouchers

  • Physical gifts
  • For e-vouchers
  • Redeem your e-voucher from the wallet available in the mobile application.
  • You can directly redeem your points in the form of e-vouchers through the mobile application.
  • For physical gifts
  • You can order your physical handouts from the mobile application.
  • You can directly redeem your points as physical rewards through the mobile application.
Final words

Waaree is the largest solar manufacturer in India and provides premium quality and affordable solar products to its customers. We have introduced the Waaree Prime loyalty program to help our partners and end-users reap additional benefits from purchasing and installing solar products in their homes or other places. 

By redeeming the points that you have achieved through the loyalty program, you can get exciting discount vouchers and physical gifts. Your first step to getting the benefits is by enrolling yourself in the program and becoming a valued partner with us. So, if you are thinking of getting a solar product for installation, visit Waaree or contact us for hassle-free services. 

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