Lithium-ion batteries are some of the most popular batteries in the world. With their ability to be charged using solar power, these portable batteries will gain more popularity. If you’re in the market to buy one, you should choose one made by lithium ion battery manufacturers in India because these are durable, long-lasting, and compatible with most electronics.

Here is a list of the top 10 solar battery companies in India to help you make your choice.

  1. Waaree Solar
  2. Waaree Energies Ltd. is one of the leading lithium ion battery manufacturers in India. Their solar batteries are available in 4 series: Liger (less than 10KW), Lion (less than 10KW), Lynx (24V to 96V), and Lit (12.8V to 25.6V). Waaree batteries are available for various applications, including electronic vehicles, Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Telecom UPS. Their electronic vehicle applications include all types of vehicles, starting from e-bicycles to e-forklifts.

  3. Exide
  4. Exide is a battery manufacturer that provides solar-powered batteries available in three ranges – 12V, 6V, and 2V. Exide rechargeable batteries are well known for their longer lifespan and low maintenance. 

  5. Okaya
  6. Okaya solar batteries are made to operate in partial charging conditions. These are ideal for locations with medium-to-low annual sunlight due to their low discharge rate and low maintenance.

  7. Luminous India
  8. Luminous India is a leading battery manufacturer that has two battery series L and series H. Series L batteries have a warranty of 3 years, while those of series H are 5 years.

  9. Relicell
  10. Relicell batteries are well known for requiring almost no maintenance in their 10-year shelf life. These batteries can easily last in all Indian weather conditions. They are corrosion-resistant.

  11. Artheon
  12. Artheon manufacturers have partnered with North Star Battery Company LLC (USA) to produce some of the best batteries in the world. These are well known for lasting long and being affordable.

  13. Amara Raja Batteries
  14. Amara Raja Batteries come with a warranty of up to 5 years. Their batteries are installed in some of India’s most well-known tourist spots, including the Taj Mahal. These batteries are well known for working in partial charging states.

  15. HBL Power Systems Limited
  16. HBL batteries are a popular choice for those who want to install eco-friendly, 100% degradable batteries. These batteries provide consistent performance and are completely leakproof.

  17. Eastman Auto & Power Limited
  18. Eastman is one of India’s oldest companies with its expertise in the electrical industry over 47 years. Their batteries are well known for having excellent efficiency because they don’t self-discharge.

  19. V-Guard
  20. V-guard is one of the best lithium battery manufacturers. They produce batteries that provide uninterrupted supply to all users with up to 5 years of guarantee. They are one of south India’s leading battery manufacturers.

The above-given list of Battery Companies in India includes both residential and commercial battery manufacturers. Before choosing to partner with any of these, we recommend understanding the electricity needs of your business. This will allow you to choose a solar power system that is best suited to you specifically. Additionally, you should also consult with a professional before installing a solar panels.

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