People started to understand the harm that petrol and other fuel sources do to our environment. This is the reason why harvesting renewable sources of energy is important. There is no shortage of innovative minds and the unique products they’ve created. This article shines light on a company that fits both these criteria: THINKPHI.

THINKPHI is a Singapore-based start-up that aims to develop and market sustainable products. Sustainability is the pillar on which THINKPHI was built. Their products are all made to be as in sync with the environment as possible. They’re eco-friendly, harvest natural energy available, and can be used for multiple applications.

THINKPHI has developed one of the unique products you can find: The Ulta Chaata.

The Ulta Chaata

In Hindi, ‘Ulta Chaata’ translates to an inverted umbrella, and the design of the product is also similar to that of an umbrella.

    • The Ulta Chaata collects rainwater during rainy days.


    • The water is then passed through two filters which remove all active carbon molecules, bacteria, and other impurities.


  • The resulting water’s turbidity and clarity levels are within the W.H.O. recommended ranges.

One “Ulta Chata” can collect 100,000 liters of water during each rainy season, reducing the amount of water getting wasted. Ulta Chaata is generally installed in clusters of 10 or more, and a cluster of 15 is called “The Phi Box”. The Phi Box can be arranged to create shade for walkways, parking, table clusters, or even charging ports for electric cars.

Acts as a solar harvester

The Ulta Chaata also alternates as a solar panel during other seasons. The solar panels installed inside the canopies are encased properly to ensure they remain waterproof. The energy harvested from the Ulta Chaata can then be used to power the charging plugs located in the column. According to the article published inForbes India, the Ulta Chaata has a capacity of 1.5 kilowatts.

It is also connected to a lighting system that can provide illumination during nighttime. The charge can also be stored in an external battery and be used to illuminate the lights for 4 to 5 days. The product comes with a 10-year warranty and is branded as “the world’s first integrated clean water, energy and shade system.”

People behind it

THINKPHI is the brainchild of Samit and Priya Choksi, who started the company in 2015. Priya Choksi has completed her Masters in sustainable design. For her innovations and dedications, she has received the Abdul Kalam Azad National Award. Her work in sustainable products has been recognized around the world.

Samit Choksi, the co-founder, has worked in various Fortune 500 companies before starting THINKPHI. He’s hosted many TEDx talks revolving around harmonious living and renewable energy.

THINKPHI’s mission is to become the first sustainable company in the world. With their dedication to solving environmental problems, THINKPHI has been recognized by various international voices, including the UN.

While THINKPHI is a Singaporean start-up, they have recently expanded their operations to the USA. They are the first privately held company to create sustainable products that can be used in outdoor and public spaces. As more people become aware of the environmental challenges we face, THINKPHI is gathering more interest and support.

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