Everyone can benefit from solar energy. You may use solar energy in different ways and save money on your electricity bills, let it be for domestic, commercial, or industrial customers, a smart city developer, or a public utility service provider. Furthermore, if you live in a rural area or a distant location, solar is the most cost-effective way to meet your energy needs.

The need to rely on more expensive power sources like diesel generators and inverters can be reduced using solar PV power to stabilize your existing electricity supply. Solar systems are simple to set up.

Rooftop project characteristics

    • Solar rooftop kits are a cost-effective and efficient way to generate power from the solar radiation that strikes your rooftops.


    • It functions in the same way as an ATM, paying you regularly.


    • Using solar energy to power your home is a cost-effective and efficient option.


    • Power outages are no longer a problem.


    • Freedom from the ever-increasing cost of energy.


    • With a long life and cheap maintenance costs, there are no fuel costs.


    • Environmentally friendly and weatherproof.


    • The grid will be used as a safety net. twenty-seven


    • Solar modules, inverter, mounting framework, and system balance are all included in this package. For one year, the price includes AMC.


  • Modules have a 10-year manufacturing guarantee and a 25-year performance warranty, whereas the chassis has a 5-year warranty.

The top four factors to consider when applying for a loan on a solar system

    1. Your monthly electric bill savings should exceed the loan’s monthly payment on the solar system, allowing you to begin saving money right away.


    1. By picking a solar system on EMI as your financing option, you can save 40 to 70 percent on electricity expenditures over the life of your system compared to doing nothing.


    1. Other home renovation loans share the same fundamental structure, terms, and conditions as a solar system on EMI. Some states even provide subsidized solar energy loans with interest rates that are lower than the market rate.


  1. You may be eligible for financial advantages such as government subsidies if you purchase your inverter on EMI altogether. Solar inverter on EMI with a security deposit may be tax-deductible, which benefits me.

While solar is quite cost-effective in the long run, the entire expenditure must be made upfront. In comparison, non-renewable energy sources such as diesel require only a fraction of the whole expenditure upfront. This financing option is designed to address this problem and make solar products a practical option.

There are no hidden fees or costs with the interest-free EMI financing, and there is only a small processing cost. The consumer makes a small down payment, and the remainder is paid in convenient EMIs over 7 to 10 months.

The Bajaj Finance inverter battery loan offers the most up-to-date solar systems for your home, office, or business, as well as solar system delivery within three days. Simply come to our store, choose your solar system, divide the cost of the solar system into manageable EMIs, and enjoy the solar system’s benefits.

Bajaj Finance inverter battery loan is at your disposal to sort your finances out.

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