Considering the sun as a superpower, new technologies were created to capture it. One of them is the solar-powered water pump, which helps in irrigation even in times of drought, which could compromise the food supply. They run on solar energy, being more economical, durable, and discreet than conventional pumps. This solar pump can be used in fountains, swimming pool pumps, mono-block home pumps, etc.

Components of Solar Water Pump

Solar-water pump has three major components-

  1. Solar panel
  2. Motor pump
  3. Controller

Working of solar water pump

  • The solar panel receives energy from the sun in photovoltaic cells and transforms solar radiation directly into electrical energy by the “photovoltaic effect.”
  • After converting the solar energy to electrical energy, the panel supplies the water pump with electrical energy directly.
  • The pump in operation can carry out the work of capturing water from the well, reservoir, and even aquifers and pumping it to the desired location.

This type of system is widely used in difficult-to-access or remote places, where electricity is not conventional. Even in urban centers, solar pumps have been widely used to reuse rainwater, supply water tanks, and pump water in gardens and ponds in farms. Its installation is easy, being only necessary to choose a place with good solar incidence and close to a source of fresh and clean water.

Types of solar-pump

Different types of solar water pumps are available but only submerged, and surface solar pumps are successful, running in both AC and DC currents.

  1. Submerged solar pump: This type of pump is used inside wells or reservoirs and can reach a greater depth, as it is more resistant when placed in an environment with a large volume of water.
  2. Surface solar pump: This type of pump is used to suck water with the help of a suction tube, which is then supplied to the reservoir. They are more economical and are easy to maintain, which can be used for smaller head or low water flow applications.

Benefits of solar water pump-

Following are the benefits-

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Noise-free
  • High efficiency

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1HP-10HP solar water pump price

Solar water pump standard price starts from 1HP at Rs. 85,000 to 10HP at Rs. 5.9 lakh, which can vary from type, brand, and ratings. Also, the subsidy on solar pumps is different in every state of India.

Solar Water Pump


Solar Pump

pump- Rs.70,000

pump- Rs.89,000

2HP Solar Pump

pump- Rs.1,60,000

pump- Rs.1,75,000

Solar Pump

Rs. 1,30,000 – Rs. 2,40,000 (depends on type
of pump).

Solar Pump

Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 3,50,000 (depends on size
& type of pump).

Solar Pump

Rs. 2,90,000 – Rs. 5,15,000 (depends on size
& type of pump).

Solar Pump

Rs. 4,50,000 – Rs. 7,30,000 (depends on size
& type of pump).

If you want to install a solar water pump in your well, reservoir, or any other water application, then get in touch with Waaree Energies Ltd. or call us on 1800-2121-321 for any further inquiry.

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