We are all familiar with the concept of solar panels. They are simply panels made of crystalline silicon, which absorb sun rays to generate electricity. Solar panels are used in urban and rural areas to generate electricity for various purposes. When we think of solar panels, we often imagine fixated plates on rooftops or big fields. It is to gain more advantage of these fixated systems that the solar trolleys are coming up in society.

So, what is the solar panel tractor-trolley system? Read on to learn more about this piece of technology, its applications, and its benefits.

What is a trolley solar system?

A trolley-based solar system is a unique idea that utilizes the effectiveness of solar panels and the mobility of a trolley or even a tractor. Simply put, a trolley-solar system is a solar panel on wheels. The wheels are often the attributes added by a mobile tractor, and the solar panel trolley system as a whole becomes portable. Hence, the unit is called the solar panel tractor trolley system.

The benefits are not limited to the movement of this product. This ingenious method of being able to produce and use electricity on wheels was Pradeep Kumar’s idea. He is a farmer from Haryana who came up with this realistic solution to utilize solar panels to the fullest. Pradeep Kumar’s innovation also helped ensure that none of the farmers see losses because of the theft of their solar panels from the fields.

Now let us analyze the solar trolley in detail by examining its technical aspects and features.

Components and technicalities:

The solar trolley has three essential components: the solar panel, the trolley, and the tractor. The solar panels are attached to the trolley in a way that they gain exposure to the sun. The trolley, as assumed, has its own set of wheels. This trolley-mounted solar panel is then attached to a tractor with the help of fittings. The design of the fittings is such that it helps the component move without too much strength or difficulties.

The trolley usually comes accommodated with its safety hatches. These mechanisms ensure that the solar panels are not affected during transportation due to an unforeseen accident. Once the solar plate with its moving trolley is in position, the solar panels can gain exposure to the sun with the help of a handle. 

The solar panel trolley system merely needs to be connected to the device that needs to be powered. A long cable acts as a solution to this problem. These solar panels are extensively used for farming and can also be used at home to supply power. Learn more about this system under the applications section.

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Applications of a solar trolley:

A trolley-mounted solar panel has the advantage of movement when compared to a fixed solar panel setup. The freedom of movement in this solar panel allows it to be efficient across spaces at different times of the night and the day.

The solar trolley fulfills the following goals:

  • It is a handy method for fulfilling various electrical requirements.
  • It can provide electricity to remote residences and fields.
  • Distance is not a problem for this unit. It comes accommodated with a fuse for long cables.
  • The solar trolley can power pumps, motors, and irrigation systems.
  • Use the solar trolley at home (even at night) to gain access to electricity.
  • Open spaces other than farms can also make use of this setup.
  • The trolley-mounted solar panel does not need to incur additional transportation charges. The owner, therefore, can take this unit wherever they wish to and use it for a purpose they like.

As seen above, a portable solar panel fulfills multiple purposes in various spaces. Listed below are some reasons, which can help you understand why you could invest in a solar panel trolley system.

Benefits of a trolley mounted solar panel:

Listed below are some ways in which a trolley-mounted solar panel can prove to be advantageous for you:

  1. The portability of the solar panel trolley system allows the farmer to easily carry it to and from the home and the field. The farmer can then gain access to electricity while working and for personal use.
  2. The owner of the product need not worry about the unit’s theft. The solar trolley can easily be locked away in a safe garage when not in use.
  3. The trolley mounted solar panels can be adjusted based on the position of the sun.
  4. The safety mechanisms ensure ease of transport, at least on the Indian roads.
  5. The system allows long cables to be attached to it. Therefore, pumps and devices, which are fixated even at a certain distance, can be accessible.
  6. One does not require putting in the extra cost of transportation when moving the device.
  7. In some cases, the farmer may also share this unit with others to help bring a profit. Several farmers can try and use this system together to save costs.
  8. The ease of transport in this product can also open up markets for the solar trolley to be available on rent for those who wish to earn more income. However, this service will need to ensure that no harm is brought to the solar panels by others.

Various farmers can make use of systems like these. Not only are the trolley-mounted solar panels borrowable, but they are also easy to set up, provided the farmer has a reliable source of income. As assets, these units can help save costs and provide benefits.

The future is about making electricity more sustainable and accessible. In this case, investing in a solar plate with a moving trolley is not a bad idea. So if you too liked the idea of a trolley-mounted solar panel, what are you waiting for?

Gather the essentials for this project and set up your solar trolley. If you need help, we at Waaree Solar are always at your service to bring you closer to your ideal sustainable world!

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