At the high altitudes where the electricity infrastructure is not developed yet, these solar heated tents are like a blessing. Solar heated tents are not widely used by soldiers now, but eventually, the use will increase as the government approves the tender of any company.

Who came up with the idea for the solar heated tent?

Sonam Wangchuk has created a portable military tent that can accommodate ten jawans at a time and can be heated using solar panels. Sonam was the inspiration for the character Phunsuk Wangdu in the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots.’

The importance of a solar-heated tent

  • The tent would be portable and heated by solar energy, which is a renewable energy source.
  • Its use would eliminate the need for kerosene imports from the Middle East.
  • In addition, there would be less pollution in the Himalayan regions if you did not use kerosene.
  • Officers and soldiers in the army would stay warm in temperatures as low as -14 degrees Celsius.

About the passive solar heated tent


  • The greenhouse area of the tent, which is heated with solar radiation, is in the front of the tent.
  • The tent weighs no more than 30 kilograms.
  • The tent is designed to be movable, considering the mountain tops and heights that the soldiers must traverse.
  • The soldiers can sleep in the sleeping room in the back end during the nights.
  • During the winter, the tent is covered with a windcheater to protect it from the chilly wind.
  • There is also a solar lounge that is heated during the day and provides seating for the soldiers on the front. This space, however, would not be warm at night.


  • Sun rays must enter the solar tent from the south to heat the front chamber’s walls. This wall is composed of polycarbonate and prevents solar rays from entering the chamber.
  • An insulator surrounds the sleeping compartment as well, preventing heat from escaping the tent.
  • The sleeping room is located in the tent’s northwestern corner. Insulator sacks, similar to those used in sleeping bags, surround it.
  • The spherical shape of the tent limits the amount of surface area and decreases heat loss.

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Cost-effective and comfortable accommodation

This tent is a portable, prefabricated solar-passive shelter that the jawans may erect on the spot. Although the internationally famous Ladakhi innovator couldn’t go into specifics about the materials used to construct the tent because his patent application is still being reviewed, the structure is based on the same scientific concepts as solar dwellings.

“With high amounts of solar radiation and a suitable surface for absorbing the light, the tent is well insulated from its surrounding environment.” The design is basic and elegant. It captures heat from the sun, stores it in water, and uses the tent’s insulating properties to keep it warm for the jawans at night. The south-facing portion of the tent allows for solar intake.

Meanwhile, the tent can be dismantled and reassembled anywhere else. Each separated piece weighs less than 30 kg, which he claims can be transported by native porters and jawans and assembled quickly. At high altitudes, the conditions are extremely harsh. Thus soldiers frequently take single-layered tents and piece them together. This tent, he argues, provides comfortable and non-polluting shelter for soldiers stationed in strategically critical and high-altitude regions such as the Black Top Hill or the Siachen Glacier.

This solar-heated tent prototype costs around Rs 5 lakh to construct. He claims that it might cost the same or a bit less in manufacture, depending on the scale. “It’s worth noting that the container cabins they’re using cost roughly Rs 9-10 lakh and have a smaller footprint than our prototype.” Our tent will cost half as much, with twice the area, and provide the greatest levels of portability that their present cabins lack”.

What are the benefits of solar heated tents?

  • It provides better accommodation to our soldiers and also helps them to survive in the chilly winter. At such high altitudes, the temperature is low.
  • In this tent, 10 people can easily get accommodated, and all the basic facilities are there. The temperature is maintained by heater charging points and LEDs are also present.
  • It also saves 500 million tonnes of carbon emission because it uses renewable energy. Presently at such high altitudes, mini generators are used by the army to fulfil the energy needs.
  • It is also cost-effective because it’s a combined package, so there is no extra need for anything. If these solar tents are manufactured in bulk, then the cost will decrease more.
Other uses of solar-heated tents

However, the solar-heated tent that has been designed does not have to be limited to military use. He claims that these tents may be used by anyone who desires ‘rapid accommodation’ that is warm, heated, and does not require the use of fuel. The tourist industry is one apparent market.

These tents can be used in any location that attracts tourists but lacks the essential infrastructure or facilities. You can use these passive solar-heated tents to establish resorts or camps and provide nice lodging for travelers during the annual Chadar trip in the winter, for example, where there aren’t many good places to sleep. Border Roads Organization labourers can also utilize these tents, who would otherwise live in pitiful single plastic tents. Instead, people can stay in their tents and live happily without adding to pollution.

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