Solar technology has become the current trend of the world. It has been highly taught in the current age due to its environmentally friendly mechanism. Solar panels provide life-long electricity and have a limited carbon footprint. Once solar panel installation gets completed, it offers constant electricity. It might only need service from time to time. These services, if basic, can be done by the owner of the solar panels.

Solar training

Government offers free solar training that helps the layman with no proper training in the field of the solar system understand the working of solar panels. Despite its immense benefits, there are a lot of people who are still unaware of solar panels or, due to cost reasons, are deprived of solar training or solar courses. This might intimidate them into using the system.

Getting free government solar training will educate domestic users regarding the ways to handle solar panels.

Benefits of solar course

Learning the basics of how to install solar panels benefits a lot. By undertaking the solar courses, individuals who are interested in taking it as a profession can also get the basic knowledge regarding solar panels and solar systems. This course aims to empower common solar panel users with the basic knowledge of the solar system with a solar panel installation training video.

Solar course contents

The free government solar training can be helpful in learning through video format. Most of the content thought in the course will handle the day to day dealing of solar panels such as:

    • The advantages of using a solar system


    • The different kinds of solar systems available to be installed


    • Its care instructions


    • The electricity charges caused due to the use of solar panels


  • Solar system installation in rural areas and urban areas

Solar course module

The solar panel installation training video provides all the required knowledge regarding solar panel installation, maintenance, basic care, easy repair, etc. Solar panels are a lifelong investment that also demands very little care and effort on the part of the users. It is a smart investment strategy for the lifelong production of electricity. Despite the high installation cost, solar panels require very little after-sale service and are also very nature friendly. They completely erase carbon footprint and are a sustainable source of energy for future needs.

The solar course will equip the users of solar panels with the required knowledge in maintaining and using solar electricity.

Different solar products available at Waaree

Using the solar course, learners can also advocate the uses and perks of solar panels and provide basic details to the users. The company website also hosts several articles that are beneficial in understanding the solar system. They provide various kinds of solar products such as:

  • solar lights
  • solar mobile charger
  • solar bag
  • on-grid inverters
  • off-grid inverters

Contact Waaree Energies Limited to get more information regarding the solar panel installation training videos.

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