Solar energy is finally being acknowledged as a green source of energy. Many people are shifting to solar-powered electronics. People are finally becoming environmentally conscious and are switching to a greener lifestyle with solar power.

One such state to leap and make the switch is Madhya Pradesh. Not only is it India’s second-largest state but also India’s reigning solar power hub. In the last few years, the installation of solar rooftop panels has skyrocketed.

Solar subsidy explained

The average cost of solar energy goes up to Rs 75 per watt.

This price could go lower in the future, but only if large level installations of solar are done. An average person working a 9 to 5 job can’t afford solar-run appliances because of its prevailing rate. Thus, to give people a slight push and encourage them to switch to the green model, the government of India launched an MP government solar panel subsidy scheme along with some incentives.

Solar subsidy scheme in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has taken the lead in the race to switch over to solar power. In order to encourage the switch, the government of India has agreed to provide a 40% solar panel subsidy in Madhya Pradeshto domestic consumers for rooftop solar panel installation.

The Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited is the agency that works with beneficiaries to claim MP solar subsidyfor those interested.

One of the main conditions is that one needs to get made in India solar panels installed in order to get the subsidy. Also, as an incentive from the MP solar pump yojana, the ones who install rooftop solar panels can get their additional or surplus power transferred to the grid and make the necessary adjustments in the final bill.

Madhya Pradesh government solar panel subsidy has been comparatively ahead of its time since 2015.

How to apply for a solar subsidy in Madhya Pradesh?

One of the most common questions domestic consumers have is how exactly they apply for a solar subsidy in Madhya Pradesh. It is quite straightforward.

  • Firstly check the type of solar panel best suited for your home by using a solar power calculator to know how much it will cost you despite the subsidy.
  • Then, you need to send in an application 30 days from the issue date of the EOL to the bank in which you have an account.
  • The MP solar pump yojana will go through your application and decide if you are a fit with the MP solar subsidy.
  • Once your application gets accepted, you’ll get a subsidy amount in the report.
  • To release the subsidy, you will have to submit your application along with proof of income, a signed copy of the agreement between the system integrator and beneficiary, a copy of registration, and your electricity bill.

After following the above steps, you are all set to get rooftop solar panels with a government subsidy. This is all you need about the solar panel subsidies existing in Madhya Pradesh.

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