In the last few years, the Bihar government has joined hands with other states in India to provide green energy to the people. The Bihar renewable energy development agency (BREDA) manages the solar panel installation and solar panel subsidy in bihar.

Today, many people in Bihar are opting for clean and green energy through solar panel installation. India has the highest number of solar panel installations globally. Some important prerequisites and how you can apply for solar subsidy in bihar are below.

What is a solar subsidy?

India is at the cusp of a solar revolution, and to help speed up this process, state governments are incentivising solar installation by providing solar panel subsidy in bihar. Unlike non-renewable resources, like oil, coal and natural gas, solar energy does not pollute the environment, and the BREDA would like to see solar power being used in every house. You can apply on the BREDA website to avail of these subsidies.

Here are the benefits of installing solar panels.

  • Electricity bill
  • There is no better time to switch to solar energy than now as the electricity bill is increasing at a shockingly fast pace. Installing a solar panel will significantly reduce your electricity bill as you are relying on self-energy. If you install an off-grid rooftop solar panel, you may not even need to rely on Bihar’s electricity supply to provide energy. You can also avail of the rooftop solar subsidy in bihar.

  • Government incentives

Installing a solar panel can be an expensive procedure. To help reduce the burden, the government has placed subsidies to encourage the installation of a clean energy source like solar panels. This is a great incentive for customers living in residential societies to make the switch.

Most states that are trying to promote solar energy provide attractive schemes. Similarly, if you BREDA Bihar online apply for a solar pump, you can avail of numerous schemes.

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Subsidies provided on solar energy by BREDA

The schemes and subsidies, aimed at reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources for electricity. Although these schemes do not apply for commercial purposes, You can choose to BREDA Bihar online apply for a solar pump for residential owners.
According to the Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency, they will subsidize 25 per cent of the installation cost. To avail of the rooftop solar subsidy in Bihar, the size of the rooftop solar system should support a minimum of 1kW.

How to claim subsidies

Only homeowners that install a solar system can claim Bihar solar subsidy. They can do so through the state DISCOM. They should visit the BREDA website to avail the subsidies applied for.

Alternatively, you can opt for channel partners to help you apply and claim your subsidies. These partners will work with both you and the government to help claim them as quickly as possible. Most people choose this option as it is much easier and allows you to get a good quality solar panel as well.

Working with a trusted partner like Waaree Energies, which provides pristine quality solar panels with a long-lasting warranty of 120 months, is a recommended option. They are one of India’s leading solar panel manufacturers in the world and strive to provide excellence with every installation.

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