Solar Panels are on a boom in the Indian energy sector. Most people know and understand the advantages of installing a rooftop solar panel in their residences. But can solar panels be installed on commercial buildings?

The answer is yes!

There are several solar panel companies, like Waaree, that manufacture solar panels for office buildings. These solar panels may work in the same way as residential solar panels, but they have different features. However, the question remains, if solar panels are available for commercial buildings, why don’t most buildings have them?

Advantages of installing solar panels on commercial buildings

    • High return on Investment

It is widely known that residential solar panels can pay for your initial investment in 1-2 years. The same can also be said for solar panels in the workplace. Your business can save on utility expenses in the long run when you’ve installed solar panels.

    • Increases your property value

Properties with properly installed solar panels can be listed for a higher price when you want to sell your property. Because these solar panels will also play a part in the monthly electricity bill, the buyer will not have a problem paying higher for the building.

    • Rooftop solar panels are available.

One of the most common misconceptions is that solar panels for commercial buildings need to be installed in an open area. That is not the case! Rooftop solar panels are available and use up minimum space.

    • Helps to manage your electricity bill.

India is one of the few countries with over 300 days of sun. When you install solar panels for office buildings, you can manage your monthly electricity bill. The energy generated by the solar panel will help reduce your electricity usage from the city’s grid.

    • Improves your brand image

It is no secret that businesses are now expected to opt for eco-friendly options wherever possible. Installing a solar panel for the commercial building will better your business’s image and help associate your brand with renewable energy.

Let’s look at the types of buildings that can use solar panels in the workplace.

Applications of commercial solar panels

    1. Commercial solar panels can be installed in workplaces of all sizes. Whether you have a 2-floor building or a 16-floor building, you can use solar energy generated by solar panels.
    2. Commercial solar panels can be installed in and around an industrial building. This will provide a part of your building’s energy requirement.
    3. Commercial solar panels can be used to light neon signs and boards for your building. They can be connected to batteries.

These are only some of the applications of solar panels. You can install a solar panel for your commercial building by partnering with a trusted manufacturer like Waaree.

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