When solar energy is being used for every electronic purpose, from cookers to lamps or from powering industrial plants to solar powered homes, how can we ignore solar panels for boats that receive the most sunlight effortlessly?

We know, owning a boat is already considered a heavy expenditure. On top of it, if someone suggests you install a full-fledged solar panel kit on it, you must find it very unreasonable and unnecessary. But, honestly, this is just an investment that will bring you 

How do solar panels work on boats?

This process is simple. Sunlight strikes the solar cells on the panel, which is later converted into electricity that can be used instantly to generate solar power for boats or stored for future use. A complete solar panel kit usually includes a solar panel, batteries to store the excess energy, a charge controller to regulate the amount of energy flowing into your batteries so that it won’t be overcharged, and an inverter to convert DC to AC.

Choosing whether to buy the kit or just some device is up to you.

Should you install solar panels on boats?

Now we’ll look into how best marine solar panels can bring about major changes in your boating life and why they are so much in demand.

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Although solar panels require heavy funding during their setup, it will save you many bucks because it won’t require you to keep investing in it after regular periods, like in the case of gas-powered generators where you need to buy fuel to feed your generators. Furthermore, the rising fuel price rate has already tempted the boat owners to switch to free sunlight.

    You can also increase your engine’s lifespan by installing charge controllers since it is not forced to drain itself to fully charge the batteries because the panel has taken over this work. So this will resolve the concern of frequent replacements.

  3. Reduced noise
  4. Who would want a noisy environment while enjoying nature? Earlier, we had no choice and had to put up with the unpleasant loud noise of the generators, but now solar panels have solved this problem for us. They work quietly, providing us with peace of mind.

  5. Comfortable temperature
  6. Generators use heat to perform, and they also heat up on continuous usage, which increases the temperature of the whole boat, making it uncomfortable. But solar panels are reversed. They don’t expel heat, rather consume it, solving the problem of overheating on boats.

  7. Backup
  8. What can you do if your battery is exhausted in the middle of the sea? Sounds horrifying? It is. Solar panels can save you from such a situation because sunlight reaches everywhere, and so is the charging power of your batteries.

  9. Various options are available
  10. Space is considered the biggest hindrance in converting into a solar-powered boat, so the manufacturers came up with various possible alternatives. Along with the huge, old mounting panels, flexible panels are also available in the market. Take your time and choose the one most suitable for you.

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How can you choose the right solar panels for boats?

This decision depends on various factors. You need to consider your needs and your boat and come up with the best-suited plan. We can tell you about the driving factors.

  • Need for the solar panel
  • You will need a high-power panel if you want it to take over the whole job. However, if you only need a backup, low efficient panels are the best.

  • Equipment used
  • Your panel will be providing power to your equipment, so it is important to evaluate how much power they consume so that you can buy the one that can fulfil the requirement.

  • Available space
  • If you have enough open area receiving direct sunlight in your boat without shade, you can go for highly efficient, mounting polycrystalline / monocrystalline solar panels. But, if you lack such space, you should choose the less efficient flexible ones. Some of them even come with adhesives to ensure immediate installation. Remember that even a cell covered under shade can impact the power generation, so check for the space diligently.

  • Requirement of the charge controller
  • Many manufacturers provide charge controllers along with solar panels, while some don’t. So make a judgment whether you need it for your boat or not.

  • Manufacturer
  • Many companies claim to provide the best solar panels for boats. But take time to make your choice. Do proper research on the specifications, reviews, and reliability. Some companies do not provide a warranty for usage in seawater or marine environments. So be attentive to such details while making your choice. You can connect us for such detailed specifications.

How many solar panels do you need for your boat?

Again an answer depending on regulating factors such as

  • Space
  • If you have the required space, you can choose one highly efficient panel. But, if not, you can go for multiple less efficient solar sheets.

  • Power consumption
  • We have prepared an example to make you understand this most simply. Take a look.




    power consumption















    The above table shows some basic equipment used on a boat, power consumption, and work hours. This whole consumption amounts to 1600 watts. To fulfil this requirement, you can opt for either a huge 1600 watt panel or 4 smaller 400 watts panels.

    Note: The concept of loss of energy in conversion is not taken into consideration here. Keep that in mind before jumping to a conclusion.

If you still have some confusion regarding the solar panels for boats or need a reliable manufacturer, contact us immediately at Waaree Energies Ltd..

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