Kanpur, known for its leather and textile industries, is a huge electricity consumer, and it often witnesses power cuts for a long duration during summers. This climbing power appetite has provoked renewable resources to participate in fulfilling the mass demand actively. Solar energy, in this category, has topped the chart for being the most reliable amongst all. This article answers everything you need to know about solar panel prices in Kanpur.

Before resolving the price concern query, you should be informed about the need to plant a solar panel at your residence. Here are some facts that will strengthen your consideration to invest in this new generation energy resource.

  • Cost savings
  • The charges of installing rooftop solar panels are competitively 17℅ and 27% inexpensive from industrial and commercial installation rates. Residential builders can set up these panels right during the construction to eliminate the need to invest in electricity generators and connect the residential lines or the main power supply line of the area. This procedure results in substantial cost savings for builders and prospective residents.

  • Wider access to energy
  • As the rising population decreases the power supply, there are enough people in rural and urban localities not having sufficient electricity access. Solar energy, in these cases, can be a problem solver.

    From the practical aspect, making resource access is not where the job is done. Instead, providing the product at an affordable price is the concerned challenge. To untangle this glitch, we have kept the solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh as reasonable as it should be.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Covered with over 20 years of product life, solar panels demand significantly fewer maintenance costs. Not only are they the next generation of power-supply resources, but they are also the electricity providers for the generations to come.

  • Suitable for Indian climate
  • With nearly 300 sunny days and clear skies every year, India is among the most eligible countries to convert this priceless asset into a valuable possession. Especially in a location like Uttar Pradesh, electrifying solar energy is a wise decision you will execute.

Types of solar panels

After deciding to install a solar panel, the next step is to evaluate the type of panel fulfilling your demands. By demands, it means considering the concerned factors before the buying decision.

From the buyer’s perspective, concerning factors include the cost of solar panels. As being the most obvious component in the conclusive judgment, you must look for the solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh before finalizing the decision to buy a certain one.

Another significant characteristic is to calculate the energy usage of your household per day and correlate the same with the efficiency provided by the products you visit. The finalized product must match your consumption expectancy. Anything lower than your requisite is not worthy of buying.

Considering the above-stated factors, it is easier for you to finalize the type of solar panel to purchase. Here is some crucial information we offer on the range of our panels:

  • Polycrystalline solar panels
  • Solar panels equipped with polycrystalline crystals were the first type of solar panels produced. Crystalline cells are wielded to make such solar panels. Nearly 40 solar cells are attached to a regular household rooftop solar panel. The rectangular structure created when silicon is heated and put into a mold differentiates these cells within a solar panel.

    These are the very efficiently prepared panels by industry professionals. They include relatively little wastage of silicon during the making process, which supports low installing and leasing charges.

  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • The cylindrical structure of these panels boosts their efficiency. Makers mold silicon ingots into wafers to produce them. The better shape and composition enable them to electrify the sun’s heat on a larger scale. This induces you to buy a limited number of them.

    Compared to Polycrystalline panels, they are slightly more expensive in terms of production cost, resulting in a higher sale price. But, as an advantage, they have long warranties with an even longer product life.

  • Thin-film solar panels
  • The manufacturing process begets the name “thin-film”. These panels comprise layers of silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium gallium selenide crafted as a film on the surface. In comparison to the other panels, these are less efficient than crystalline solar panels. They also tend to take more space on the roof than the latter.

    They have limited life and warranties. Nevertheless, thin-film solar cells are cost-effective and more flexible when compared to crystalline solar panels.

    They are the most suitable for households searching for cleaner energy sources but do not want solar panels to be planted on the roofs. Setting up these panels can even make you eligible for administrative solar rebates.

Cost of solar panels in Kanpur

Providing due considerations as per the demographic structure in India, we have set the price of these solar panels at a reasonable rate. Also, the government offers subsidies during the installation of solar panels in residential areas. You can get an overview of the estimated solar panel price in Kanpur by the following data.


Cost in Rs.

Price per Watt

400W – Bifacial PREC



1 KW Solar Panel Price



2 KW Solar Panel Price



3 KW Solar Panel Price



Getting a solar panel in Kanpur

When you know the advantages that a solar panel would reap and have decided to buy the same for your place, it is time to execute the plan.

Getting a solar panel fixed at your desired location is not a bulky challenge when the company you trust is working tirelessly to meet its consumers’ demands. To install a solar panel at your place, you can contact the authorized dealers of Waaree, India’s most trusted brand in solar equipment. Listed amongst the top performers in India, we are known for our exemplary accomplishment in delivering rooftop solutions and as independent power producers. Contact us at 18002121321 or mail us here.

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