Hospitals and doctors require a steady supply of considerable electricity, from simple life-monitoring equipment to complicated diagnostic imaging devices. Solar power is becoming more popular in India across all industries, mainly healthcare because it does not cause any pollution and is a clean source of energy.

Since all hospitals, nursing homes, daycare facilities, and medical centers belong to business properties, many of their equipment, such as MRI-Machines, CT-Scanners, and other Labs, is constantly used. Its air conditioning, and heating machines operate regularly to maintain a constant building temperature and are therefore subject to a sky-high electricity bill.

As a result of this, solar demand in hospitals has increased drastically. Thus, solar in hospitals has become sustainable and avoids large energy costs, as well as supplies electricity at a less high price.

Increase in demand for solar power in the health industry

Solar panels have been installed on all new hospitals in India, demonstrating the government’s trust in the technology’s long-term viability. Because of the advantages of solar in hospitals, huge government and commercial hospitals, including Apollo, Escorts, AIIMs, and Ram Manohar Lohia hospitals, are in need of installing solar panels in hospitals.


    • Low Electricity bills


A key advantage of solar power is that it can halt your high-speed electricity bills. You can relax for the next 25 years after installing a PV system because it will dramatically cut your electricity expenditures in the long term.

This includes the product, delivery, and standard facilities cost if you have a hospital charge of 10 KW. You will be prepared to use the item, and no further sum will have to be paid for. In addition, you receive government support for net metering and subsidies.

In addition, you get a 25-year product guarantee, so you do not have to worry about your high bills of power. Almost all amenities of the hospitals can be run using solar power.

    • Pollution-free


The temporary solutions, such as DG sets and pricey inverters, endanger Mother Nature by polluting the air. There has never been a better time for hospitals to move to solar-to-socket power generation.

Hospitals invest in expensive inverters and DG sets due to the increased frequency of power outages, especially lengthy power outages. Even these so-called solutions have their own set of issues regarding the smoke and garbage they produce, which are both a health hazard and a significant contributor to air pollution, making fossil fuel-based energy generation solutions both costly and unsafe.

Regardless of the mechanisms in place, having a stable, long-term, renewable power-generating unit that is installed, operated, and ideally positioned within the hospital’s compound is the best method to ensure continual clean power.

As it is not expected that hospitals will have the area or resources required to build a wind farm or a hydropower plant, a possible alternative is to install solar panels in hospitals.

To meet your solar demand in the hospital, you can call us. As an independent power producer, Waaree Energies Ltd. is also a leading provider of electrical equipment, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar pumps in India.

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