With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the country, lockdown days have returned. People must remain indoors in these conditions for their own and others’ safety. As a result, they must be able to handle their work from home. Several questions that are trending, according to Google Trends, such as:

Critical issues in work from home

During the summer months, power demand suddenly increases because of high electricity usage appliances like AC, Cooler, refrigerators, fans. The power condition in Metro City is fine because electricity costs around Rs. 7.5 per unit, but power outages can occur at any time. This raises the demand for solar generators for homes.

The reduction in power of these areas is much less so. However, individuals face two types of difficulties when we talk about rural areas: Power cuts for long periods and issues of low voltage. Because of the Lockdown and Covid scenario, the majority of cooperative employees are working from their homes.

It is impossible to work at home without interruptions due to erratic power supply and frequent load shedding. Laptops and Internet access are required electronic devices for office and freelance work.


When working from home, having a solar generator or solar panel laptop charger for laptop charging is vital to maintain a consistent supply of power. Solar generators are the most advanced solar power backup solution available, with features like portability, grid and solar panel charging, long-term backup, and durability.

Laptop charging using solar power

A typical family owns 1-3 computers, each of which uses about 40 watts of power. Therefore, any power cut in electricity will lead to the requirement of a solar generator or solar panel laptop charger.

These solar generators will provide you with an average battery backup of 3-7 hours, depending upon the laptop charging rate. They will also act as a laptop charge controller in some cases.

Characteristics of solar power generator

A portable 300-Watt hour power station is sufficient to manage your electricity needs. It has AC adaptors, light cable for cigarettes, MC4 cable, and USB cable type-C. It is quite convenient since it can simultaneously load up to 11 devices.

The charge level is displayed on an LCD screen. A DC1440V/120W solar panel, an AC charger, or a car charger can all be used to charge the power station. Smartphones and all other devices can all be connected to the USB output port. It’s also simple to use and maintain.

Before storing the machine, make sure it is completely charged. To clean and remove dust, simply use a regular piece of cloth. Make sure the machine is completely dry and keep it out of direct sunshine.

As this is a portable power plant, you may also transport it on your way or camping trip. It weighs about 6 kg and is easy to transport. Some types of ‘solar generator for home’ come with wireless mobile charging.

Waaree Energies Ltd. is the flagship company of the Waaree Group. Its plants in Surat and Umbergaon, Gujarat, have India’s highest Solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 2 GW. Waaree is present in over 350 places across the United States and in 68 countries across the world. If you are looking for a solar generator for home, laptop charge controller, etc., WEL (Waaree Energies Limited) is the best option to go for!


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