India is experiencing a solar boom, thanks to an average of 300 sunny days a year, vast rooftop areas, and government subsidies extended by the Modi government. In the next five years, India will see a solar revolution similar to the mobile phone revolution. We are a country of more than a billion people, so anything that gets on is likely to be big!

Wouldn’t you like to profit from green energy in India by choosing to start a business in solar? If your answer is yes, keep reading to learn how to start a solar panel business with an investment amount of 50,00,000 INR and less and help India become more environmentally friendly.

What does the solar business entail?

By solar business, it does not imply that you have to manufacture solar products only. It is not necessary to place your investment in a solar business manufacturing company that could require a significant amount ranging much more than just 50,00,000 INR; with the availability of various other kinds of solar energy business to choose from, you can start your solar business, by just selecting the right brand and getting associated with it.

Ways to Make Money by Starting a Solar Business in India

Many solar businesses in India are providing excellent opportunities to individuals who are enthusiastic about renewable energy.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t understand the technology or don’t have sufficient funds to start a manufacturing business because you can still start other solar energy businesses. The following are some opportunities to start a business in solar which are entirely flexible and suitable for your investment criteria-

    • Business as a Solar Consultant


Required investment: 2,00,000 and above

You can start your solar panel business as a solar consultant. You must have technical knowledge for this. You can expect to make up to 50,000 rupees from this.

    • Solar System Integrator for Solar Companies


Required investment: 2,00,000 and above

If you are a solar system integrator having a technical team installing solar systems, partnering with solar companies will enhance your earnings and reach.

You can be appointed as a system integrator and certified for any solar projects in your desired region. You will be paid for installation at the pre-negotiated cost depending on the size of the project.

    • Become a solar distributor or dealer


Required investment: 2,00,000 and above

Various companies are manufacturing a wide range of solar products, including panels, solar batteries, charge controllers, solar house lighting systems, solar inverters, solar PCUs, and so on. If you partner up with a solar company, you will obtain all of their products at a discounted price.

After going through this run-down, you can choose from aforementioned alternatives to start your investment in the solar business with 50,00,000 INR and make profits in long run.

However, if you’re looking for supreme quality authentic solar energy products, Waaree Energies Ltd. provides various PV modules, inverters, batteries, water pumps, and solar products to choose from; they’re the leading manufacturers of solar energy products delivering across India and other countries.

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