The demand for solar consulting had increased when solar energy became the new manner of natural resources utilized to power and fuel a person’s home. Certain variables, including cost, design, and performance, must be considered before deciding to invest in a solar system. A solar consultant helps a person regarding these criteria. Though they are sometimes referred to as solar sales consultants, they contact their clients either in person or over the phone.

What a solar consultant does and how they make money

Like the basis of any sales job, a person can earn money with solar consultations by completing successful sales. If the consumer with whom a consultant has been paired; purchases and installs a solar system, the consultant receives a commission. One of the workings of a solar consultant is to get in touch with people unaware of solar systems and inform them of their benefits. For those who then become interested, the next step starts. 

The consultants begin the process of creating a solar system that matches whatever solar goals you may have.

By reviewing the amount you spend on your electricity bill, they can calculate how much can be saved through a solar system and then design a solar solution that fits you perfectly.

These designs will be on what your rooftop solar panels will look like. Once an agreement is met, the consultant will then guide you through the various other solar products that will be beneficial and meet your financial requirements.

After this is the purchase and installation process.

Importance of a solar consultant

Apart from as a way to earn money with solar, these consultants are important for a few other reasons as well:

Pricing With there being different types of solar systems in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one that would be perfect for your home and affordable. A solar consultant will do the first thing at this stage to filter through the various products available within your price range. This is done by adding and eliminating from a list of certain specifications, design guidelines, and vendors.

Design and Performance

Another one of the workings of a solar consultantis to ensure that the design was chosen for the solar system works. It is possible to come up with the perfect design that is affordable only to realize later that it will not perform. This is then blamed on other factors like weather issues or placements.

Auxiliary Services and Add-ons Once the solar system has been installed on time, it is now time to ensure that it runs smoothly for a long time. The consultant will ensure that a maintenance plan is established so that the client receives regular services. Add-ons such as batteries are also introduced as storage space for extra energy to be stored for later use.

Considering that solar systems are a lifetime investment, all factors must be looked into before purchase is made.

Being in the industry for over 32 years, Waaree Energies Ltd provides its customers with consultation services, allowing them to be prepared in more than one area.


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