Solar energy is easily harvestable. It is readily available and can be used for homes, offices, and even commercial buildings. As more people become aware of the advantages of solar panels over traditional energy sources, they’re taking the necessary steps to install solar panels in their homes. However, most people don’t know how many solar panels they’ll need and who to turn to for answers.

How many solar panels do you need?

Unlike other home appliances, where you go to the store and buy a product that looks best, buying a solar panel requires some thought. Solar panels can easily last up to 25 years, and therefore it is necessary to buy a solar panel that will suit your needs perfectly.

According to GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency), estimation of your solar needs should be done based on several factors.

  • Monthly consumption
  • Your monthly electricity consumption is the most important factor when doing these calculations. Instead of going through your latest bill, see the bills for the past 1-2 years to find an average. Most households use more electricity in the summer months, and therefore, you should consider these changes before making an estimation.

  • Area of your rooftop
  • Rooftop solar panels in Gujarat are the most popular type because they don’t use extra space near the home. However, even on your rooftop, some of the space will be blocked by pillars, water storage units, or other storage rooms. Therefore calculating the available area on your rooftop is a must.

GEDA, Gujarat recommends measuring a square or rectangular space available for installations since this is the shape most solar panels are available in.

Are there any online calculators?

After you’ve measured the area and found out your average usage, click here to get the estimated size of solar panels you need. You can also use it to calculate your average EMI should you decide to opt for a loan.

This website will also help you calculate the solar subsidy in Gujarat or any other state you live in. Alternatively, you can also reach out to a local solar expert to help you do these calculations for you. The expert will also provide you with advice about how you can do the installations and provide you with a realistic cost estimate.

How do you select a solar panel?

Now that you know how many solar panels you need, how do you find out where to buy one from? For most people, the answer is using Google to find “solar panel price in Gujarat”. But this isn’t the right way.

Solar panels are a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most people, and therefore you should only select a vendor from the GEDA approved solar vendors list. This list contains only the best and most trustworthy companies that can be relied upon to provide good quality solar panels.

Waaree provides all types of solar services and products, starting from inverters to power banks. You can easily reach out to us, and we will help you find the right solar panel for your home, office, or shop.

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