Solar AC is a stylish way to remain calm in the summer while lowering your energy costs and carbon footprint. Significant advancements in air cooling have resulted in a broader selection of solar air conditioners.

The majority of individuals nowadays have cooling systems in their homes. On the other hand, traditional air conditioners not only raise your power costs but are also damaging to the environment. Placing a solar-powered air conditioner in your house will provide you with several benefits, both financially and ecologically.

What is a solar air conditioner?

A Solar AC is run over solar energy. These conditioners function similarly to standard air conditioners, except they offer additional energy options. A typical air conditioner is exclusively driven by grid energy, solar air conditioners offer three power options: solar power, solar battery bank, and network electricity.

How does a solar AC work?

A solar air conditioner’s actual construction and operation are straightforward. It is built so that the AC may be directly linked to a solar panel and draw electricity from it. Solar panels absorb light and then transform it to DC power. The power generated is utilized to run the conditioner.

Solar AC price list

The Solar AC price in India is the most crucial element affecting a buyer’s decision. In general, the cost of a solar air conditioner is determined by a variety of parameters like its volume, company, quality, as well as its kind.

Solar air conditioner price 2023

The Solar AC price in India varies on the factor mentioned above but below is an introductory price range for a solar air conditioner.

Solar AC Panel

Power of the Panel

Selling Price

1 Ton Solar Air Conditioner

1500 Watt

Rs. 99,000 Approx.

1.5 Ton Solar Air Conditioner

2500 Watt

Rs. 1,39,000 Approx.

Hybrid 1 Ton Solar AC

If the floor area is around 80 and 120 square feet, a 1 ton solar AC is ideal. The following are the features and specs of a 1-tonne solar AC:

  • There are no electricity bills
  • Warranty is around 25 years over the panel
  • It has a complete Warranty of 5 years

Hybrid 1.5 Ton Solar AC

A 1.5 ton solar AC is an excellent choice for individuals who have medium or large rooms ranging in size from 120 sq. ft. to 190 sq. ft.

  • There are no electricity bills
  • Warranty is around 25 years over the panel
  • It has a complete Warranty of 5 years

Run your existing AC on solar power

Since everyone chooses to remain calm in the summer, most home buyers already have conditioners placed in their houses. On the other hand, they run those air conditioners, which may be expensive.

No one wants to replace their old air conditioner with a new conditioner in this day and age. However, you no longer need to replace the conditioner with going solar. Instead of purchasing a new AC, you may convert your old one to solar AC.

Usually, air conditioners typically run on alternating current (AC) and cannot be operated on direct current (DC). So, all you need to do is power your present air conditioning units on a solar source. The Solar Inverter is a component found in all types of solar systems. A solar inverter is a clever solar gadget that converts direct current into alternating current, allowing you to operate your system on solar energy.

Subsidy on solar

The solar subsidy is an effort launched by the Government of India to ensure that greener energy, i.e., solar electricity, reaches every place. It will enhance your savings while also removing your reliance on governmental power.

The government offers the following subsidy:

Solar System

Percentage of Subsidy

1KwH- 3KwH


4KwH- 10KwH


More than 10 KwH


Working of Solar AC

  • On bright days
  • Solar air conditioners operate throughout the day, using solar energy aided by the grid system, whenever the weather is clear, and the sun is shining. Solar energy is fed directly into the DC inverter air pump.

  • On cloudy days
  • When the weather is cloudy and the atmosphere is not clean, the power system and solar energy supply the air conditioner. Solar energy is fed directly into the DC air pump.

  • At nights
  • A solar AC is fueled only by the electricity grid during the night, and it does not create energy at night.

Why switch to a solar air conditioner?

Solar AC units are uniquely intended to operate only on solar power, without the need for grid energy, which is particularly important in rural or third-world places where power is a distant dream. Unlike traditional air conditioning, solar AC is so effective that it can chill the entire room at once, even in hot summer temperatures.

A solar air conditioner will save you a tremendous amount of money. Aside from that, it decreases your carbon footprint and assists you in avoiding peak power rates. Furthermore, it considerably cuts your power bill. That is why you should consider going solar at least once.

Features of solar AC

A solar air conditioner offers the following functions:

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Turbo cooling
  • 100% copper coil
  • 4 way swing
  • Anti-fungus

Benefits of solar air conditioner

Solar-powered air conditioning is an excellent solution for hot and humid climates. It is a savior where the electricity supply is short owing to frequent power outages. Conversely, a solar air conditioner is intended to overcome these apparent issues. The advantages of solar AC are as follows:

  • It reduces electricity bills
  • Can function without power
  • Work on both solar energy and the electrical grid
  • Save up to 100% on your power cost
  • Control is entirely app-based
  • Very low upkeep

Quality standard of solar AC

The solar air conditioner’s performance passes all regulatory testing that has been verified with the appropriate standard set by the government. During development, special concentration is done on setting up a system that requires less energy and emits less carbon.

FAQs – Solar air conditioner
  1. Can I convert my existing AC to solar?
  2. Yes, you can cover your existing AC with solar AC. You may also include additional devices.

  3. Why should I buy a solar air conditioner instead of a standard air conditioner?
  4. A solar air conditioner is the most excellent way to save money on your utility expenses, and it cools the region using solar energy rather than grid electricity. So, if you’re considering installing an air conditioner, you should go with a solar AC.

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