Out of 18,374 Indian villages, only 1,425 villages have access to electricity, according to the Government’s GARV dashboard. It rounds off to roughly 8% of all Indian villages. Many villages have electric poles and wirings done, but they do not get regular access to electricity.

Villagers may not be able to afford the expenses brought with electricity. Even if rural people do have access to electricity, they may not be able to afford it. Electricity prices are hiking up each day, and they may have a tough time saving their hard-earned money for their high electricity bills. Also, fossil fuels are used for the production of electricity. If the Government continues using these fossil fuels for electricity production, fossil fuels will exhaust, and neither rural nor urban people would get electricity.

In such cases, the only hope is a solar lighting system.

Why solar panels?

  1. Solar panels are a cheaper and more eco-friendly way of providing solar lights for homes.
  2. The installation price of solar panels may be a little higher, but it is cheaper when compared with the price of the monthly electricity bill.
  3. Solar panels are extremely money-efficient and productive.

Installing solar panels in villages

Installing solar panels in villages and rural areas has many benefits. The money that will be saved from electricity bills can be used in the education of children. It will ensure that their future is safe and bright. Also, villages may face an electricity shortage due to any fault or cut, but they will not face such problems with solar panels.

Solar panels in villages will be the most beneficial for the students. Students who cannot study properly due to insufficient power supply will focus on their studies better with solar lights for house.

Attributes of solar home lighting system

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. The electricity is preserved in the battery and is used whenever required.
  3. It can replace the other light sources that drain all the electricity, unlike solar lighting systems.

Waaree small solar lighting system

Waaree Solar realized this problem and introduced a Small Solar Home Lighting System for villages. These lights are made especially for rural areas and are budget-friendly.

These lights do not require a lot of solar energy, unlike other solar light equipment. They will work efficiently even during the night, without any shortage or faults. They are perfect for small homes in villages.

Waaree Solar has many other solar appliances other than solar panels, like solar inverters for homes, solar modules, solar batteries for vehicles like bicycles, e-rickshaws, e-bikes, solar water pumps, solar mobile charger, solar street lights, and solar bags. Visit Waaree Solar to get the best solar home lighting system for villages and the best home lighting system for you to use in your homes to save electricity bills and the environment.

Though India has to use solar energy to its maximum efficiency, solar energy should first be used in rural areas. If used wisely, solar energy equipment can be used in many vehicles and home appliances. Many urban homes and localities have started using solar panels to know the benefits, but rural areas are yet to grab such benefits.

A solar panel is usually used as a home lighting system in many urban homes, but what if we use them in rural areas?

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