“Loyalty Programs” provided by any company offer special discounts, gifts, and other freebies to its customers. Some brands also offer reward programs that give customers the needed reward points. These points are called loyalty points and help the customer to avail of the gifts and incentives. This is a strategy that makes the customer shop regularly on their website.

What are customer loyalty programs?

Recently, many brands have started to think about how to encourage and reward customer loyalty. The rewards include gifts, cashback, etc. To put it in a simpler perspective, a loyalty program rewards a customer in exchange for an action the company wants them to take.

Benefits of loyalty programs for companies

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV), i.e., the net profit attributed to the overall relationship you maintain with a customer.
Connect with customers and stop needing to compete on price alone.
Retain existing customers. (Loyal consumers spend 67% more on average than new ones).
Customers may refer your store to their friends, family, or community.

Benefits of loyalty programs for customers

It is recommended that customers become members of these customer loyalty programs for the following reasons:

1. To save money while shopping by earning and using rewards during checkouts

Who doesn’t like saving money? With the help of these rewards programs, customers can enjoy discounts available only to them. The customer, after entering his ID, will be shown all the products at a discounted price. Additionally, he will see other benefits that he can avail of.

2. Get exciting gifts

Gifts have been the most exciting and most awaited product among shoppers. The gift holds an important significance in the lives of all the people who received it. A person might not use it, but he is satisfied with the fact that he received a gift with his purchase.

When a person is awarded a free gift, he is exposed to the various ways in which he can receive the gift. The first and most common way is that the brand informs the customer about the gift that he is eligible for along with the item he is purchasing. The product will then be delivered to the user along with the gift. Some brands deliver the free gift to the customer beautifully packaged, with a special message inside. Sometimes, if for certain reasons, delivery is not possible, the company will send the gift to the customer when he orders a second time from the company.

3. Choose your own rewards (gifts)

Brands offer customers who are members of the loyalty program special rewards that include free gifts and discounts. The brands also offer the choice of selecting the reward that the customer wants from a list of rewards available. These reward collections also keep on changing daily. Customers can log in to the brand’s offers section regularly and check for the same. These gifts are easy to find and can be earned with just a click.

Companies may design their reward program in the form of a Scratchcard. This makes the reward more exciting. People also consider card scratching luck-based. They ask their friends or family members who they consider lucky to scratch the cards. This, in turn, leads to promoting the brand among the user and his friends.

4. Cashback

Cashbacks are the special monetary offers that brands offer. When a person is said to have received a cashback, it means that a certain amount of money has been credited to the customer’s account. Customer Loyalty programs facilitate the user’s earning of these rewards. This cashback can be earned by making any kind of payment—shopping payments, hotel bookings, travel tickets, or simply be added to your bank account. The value of this cashback varies from a minimum value of Rs. 10 and goes up to Rs. 1000. The details of these amounts can be read in the terms and conditions section of the particular website.

With these programs, shopping has become fun and pocket-friendly. People now have to spend less on purchasing the same item. Loyalty programs have many benefits that cannot be explained unless you personally experience them.

Sign up for your loyalty program at Waaree Prime!

Waaree Prime is India’s first of its kind reward program in the solar energy field. You can avail of alluring benefits when purchasing a product or service if you sign up for a loyalty program from Waaree Prime. At Waaree Prime, the gifts are useful for all the family members. All Waaree Prime members get additional exciting gifts with their purchases.

The customer will be required to take the following steps to become a member of the Waaree customer loyalty program:

Step 1: Log in to the official website of Waaree.
Step 2: In the loyalty program box, enter your requested credentials. These credentials will be: Name, Email id, Phone number, and Address.
Step 3: The system will generate an ID for you. This ID will be unique and will be used for all communications and transactions.

Bottom line

Waaree Group has been serving its customers for many years now. We are glad to believe that we have stood out exceptionally well in the eyes of our customers with their constant support and amazing reviews. It is because of their trust in us that it has been possible for us to attain the position of being the leader of solar energy products.

We would like to declare that these services will be available for customers from now on. So what are you waiting for? Grab your devices and join Waaree Prime now. The details of our company and services are available on the website. Customers can also put their queries in a systematic manner in the particular boxes provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

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