A lot of
people have asked should I get solar
panels on my house
. This is mainly due to it being a lifetime investment and
whether a rooftop solar system is ideal for their house. These days, solar
panels have now become a standard option for people as their prices have
started to drop while the system’s efficiency has been on the rise. However,
there are still many individuals within the country who refuse to have this
system installed.

Reasons Why
Many Indians Haven’t Installed Solar Panels

there are different forms of solar panel
benefits in India
, there are some people who prefer not to install this
system on their rooftop due to these reasons:

Not enough rooftop space

ground-mounted solar systems, rooftop systems are considered more lucrative as
they are not only installed on expensive and luxurious real estate. These solar panels on the terrace are placed
in the corner of the roof that is not being used. However, this can be a
problem for individuals who do not have enough terrace space. Rather than
installing a solar panel, they would prefer to use the space for something


anyone asks the question should I get
solar panels on my house
, it is important to consider the various cost
factors necessary. Because these panels are a lifetime investment, the
installation process has various intricate steps to ensure the system works
efficiently without any problems. After this comes the various maintenance
services required to keep the system in peak condition during its lifespan of
around 25 years.

Solar subsidy

The solar
subsidy is government support provided to residential homes, encouraging them
to invest in solar panels. This is to reduce our dependency on other natural
resources like water and coal. Considering solar energy is free and clean, this
functions as a way to produce more self-energy. Even though the solar subsidy
is part of India’s many solar panel
, there isn’t any clear information on how much each residential
household can claim or receive.

Requires a battery

The main
idea behind solar panels on terraceis to draw in energy from the sun, which is then used to power one’s home in
various aspects. However, solar panels are only able to store a certain amount
of energy, depending on their size. For families that require more, they have
to separately invest in a battery to help store the excess energy for later
use, which can also be expensive.

No EMI plan available

Unlike many
products and appliances in India, solar panels do not come with an EMI plan.
EMIs make things easier for customers when they are looking to purchase
expensive items. However, as Bank Financing is available for rooftop solar
panels in India, a lot of Public Sector Banks provide loans under the category
of Home Loan or Home Improvement Loan.

As the
world continues to evolve, so will technology and other industries. Though many
find it difficult to invest in solar panels, through the help of top-ranking
companies in India like Waaree Energies Ltd, things have become easier.
Regarded as the largest solar panel manufacturing company, its EPC arm works
towards providing cost-effective and top-quality sustainable energy to each

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