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Accolade recognises Waaree Group’s outstanding dedication to HR excellence.


Ahmedabad, September 21, 2023 – Waaree Group, one of the leading player in the solar energy sector, has been bestowed with the prestigious “GUJARAT Best Employer Brand Awards 2023.” This distinguished accolade pays tribute to organizations, leaders, and teams that have exhibited remarkable resilience, innovation and prowess, particularly in the face of the formidable challenges posed by the global pandemic.


In accordance with the criteria and perspectives mentioned above, Waaree Group was bestowed with the prestigious award by the distinguished World Federation of HR Professionals, on September 8th, 2023, at a ceremony held in Ahmedabad. The recognition stands testament to organization’s steadfast dedication to excellence in human resources development.


The GUJARAT Best Employer Brand Awards 2023 recognizes the leading organizations in Gujarat that excel in HR and effectively utilize marketing and communication for human resources development. The award seeks to honour exceptional organizations and individuals who have made remarkable contributions even in the face of survival challenges, exemplifying the spirit of ‘evolution’. The primary objective of these awards is to highlight best practices for emulation, measure their impact on productivity and organizational value, and foster creative solutions to enhance work environments, boost morale, and increase overall organizational value. These awards seek to instil a legacy-driven mind-set that facilitates transformative change within organizations.


The selection process evaluates key criteria and parameters, including the seamless integration of vision into HR strategy, alignment of HR strategy with business transformation, nurturing of future-ready competencies, effective talent management and development, innovative recruitment strategies, employee benefits, recognition efforts, diversity and inclusion initiatives, women’s empowerment programs, promotion of health and wellness in the workplace, and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavours.


About the World Federation of HR Professionals

The World Federation of HR Professionals is a global organization that recognizes and promotes excellence in human resources practices worldwide. The federation provides certifications and awards to organizations and professionals that demonstrate outstanding achievements in the field of HR and people management.


About Waaree Group :

Waaree Group is one of the leading player in the solar energy sector, driven by a steadfast commitment to shaping a sustainable future. With a legacy spanning several decades, Waaree has emerged as a global leader in solar energy solutions, offering a wide range of products including solar panels, solar water pumps, rooftop solar installations, and more. Anchored by values of innovation and quality, Waaree Group remains at the forefront of advancements in the renewable energy industry while also exploring new dimensions for sustainable living.


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