Waaree Energies Ltd, one of India’s most diversified and fastest growing solar power Solutions Company, today announced the launch of the new 1500V System Voltage (“1500V”) crystalline solar module at the Renewable Energy India Expo, 2016.

The conventional 1000V system voltage allows PV system designed only up to 1000V. The new 1500V module has proven its performance under UL 1703; Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels and allows a significantly more efficient system design while reducing the overall BOS and cabling costs.

Raising the maximum system voltage to 1500V means a potential increase of up to 50% in string length, hence reducing the overall BOS cost. It is an inevitable trend that 1500V systems would begin to be installed on a global scale in the future, not so far away. The module still remains PID (Potential Induced Degradation) resistant as per IEC 62804. The company announced the successful completion of the project at the much coveted Renewable Energy India Expo.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Hitesh Doshi, Chairman & Managing Director, Waaree Energies Ltd, commented, “We are immensely excited about this project as it is a milestone for us at Waaree. This marks a momentous win for us as it adds to our already high quality database of modules. 1500 V module comes packed with a whole lot of inherent advantages which are absent in 1000 V modules. Certain key ones include the lowering of balance of system costs as high voltage systems allows more number of modules to be connected in a single string and thus reduces the number of combiner boxes, shorter runs of wiring, trenching, labor, DC breakers and, overall loss to the system. We believe this new product can perfectly meet the growing demand for higher voltage systems with lower system costs.  Infact, installing 1500V DC systems in place of the now-used 1000V DC can lower costs by as much as $ 0.05 per watt, which by itself is noteworthy.”

“Additionally, installation and maintenance costs also comes down once you start using 1500V design in PV arrays. This is particularly beneficial to the EPCs as the overhead costs are reduced and margins are expanded.” he added.

The indigenous market is of high strategic importance to Waaree and it is committed to deliver innovative technology solutions to the market.

About Waaree Energies

WAAREE Energies Ltd is the flagship company of Waaree Group, founded in 1989 with headquarters at Mumbai, India. It is a leading player in the solar Energy space in India as well as internationally. It has India’s largest solar PV module manufacturing capacity of 500 MW and is Ranked No.1 Indian Solar Panel manufacturer. The Module manufacturing capacity is being scaled up to 1 Gigawatt by the end 2016. Waaree Energies is present across the solar value chain providing EPC Solutions, Solar Modules for Grid-connected solar farms, Rooftop Solar, Solar water pumps, Project development services and also as an Independent Power Producer. Waaree Group has its presence in over 20 locations nationally and 68 countries internationally.

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