29th Mar 19,  Mumbai

The modules are expected to increase the efficiency of these EV by 10-25 per cent.

Waaree Energies, India’s largest solar PV manufacturer and a leader in the rooftop segment, has launched customized solar modules, a solar power solution for Electric Vehicles. These indigenous modules, specially designed for the transport industry in India, are portable, flexible, lighter, durable and more efficient, making them ideal for vehicles.

They are ideal for vehicles where energy is required for many services including auxiliary functions like refrigeration etc. Since these modules are indigenously developed by Waaree, it would be cost effective. After successfully associating with Bergstorm & Motherson Sumi, Waare Energies is now looking for more such partners to revolutionise the industry.

Solar power will definitely play a pivotal role for this transition, based on it being self-sustained, and cost effective. They have been conceptualized in line with India’s goal of leading the world in transforming the transport industry as declared by the Finance Minister during the Interim Budget 2019.

As a front-runner in the industry, Waaree Energies understood the need and developed these for Electric Vehicles.

Sunil Rathi, Director, Waaree Energies said, “Waaree Energies has always aimed at transforming India into a solar reliant country and be at par with its international counterparts. With Waaree customized solar modules, Waaree is aiming to cater to the electrical vehicles that are expected to hit Indian streets in the coming years.”

“With the flexibility and durability of these modules, we expect a great outcome. It will significantly reduce the frequency of charging the vehicles and contribute to reducing climate change. These modules are expected to increase efficiency by 10- 25 percent.”

With Waaree customized modules, Waaree Energies is looking to create waves in the way Indians think of transportation. Built in their Surat plant, the modules are set to deliver on its promise of reducing current costs of maintaining EVs.

In addition to supporting EV, these panels can also be installed on commercial vehicles. They hope to make ‘charging on the move’ the new disruption in the automobile industry.

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