LEH, Jan 1: Waaree Energies, India’s largest solar PV manufacturer, today unveiled its 25 KW rooftop solar project at Himalayan Institute of Alternatives (HIAL).

The project is done by Waaree Energies under its CSR programme and is part of its ongoing efforts to bring the current wave of solar revolution to Ladakh. HIAL has established its position as a renowned institute in the region, founded by the visionary Sonam Wangchuk. HIAL is expected to save close to INR 2 lakh per year. The installation of this project is of critical importance as solar power brings much needed respite to the people of Ladakh, since the region is cut off from the Kashmir valley for the most of winter.

The project has installation of 20 KW Waaree 325 Wp modules, which will help meet the power requirements of the campus, whereas the 5 KW Merlin � Flexible modules will power the Greenhouse shelter. Waaree Energies not only donated the panels, but also ensured their implementation and commissioning. The local climatic conditions, especially during the cold winters, make it imperative to have solutions that ensure self-sustainability within the region with respect to energy. Solar power presents the optimal option as Leh enjoys clear skies with a high irradiation.

Commenting on the occasion, Sunil Rathi, Director, Waaree Energies said, “The project is further to our commitment of making energy, especially solar, accessible to all. We have installed our indigenous systems at 1250 + Households, which are yielding over 210,000 litres as output. As we were looking at associating with organisations and individuals who are working towards bettering the society, HIAL became the natural choice. It was a pleasure to associate with a dynamic person like Sonam and HIAL.�

Sonam Wangchuk said, “Waaree Energies was our preferred choice when we decided to transition to solar energy at HIAL. We were well aware of Waaree�s long standing excellence in quality and service, and have first-hand seen their products and solutions. My inclination towards innovation found the perfect fitment with Waaree Energies, and we hope this is the start of a long association with them.�

Sonam Wangchuk, who was recently awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award, is an engineer and renowned education reformist from Ladakh. The founder of SECMOL and the Ice Stupas, he was the inspiration behind Amir Khan�s character in the Hindi film 3 Idiots, propelling his efforts in Ladakh to the public eye.

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