Touted as a promising alternative energy source for decades, solar panels today decorate the roofs of homes, businesses, and industries. The initial question that comes to mind when installing solar panels is how long it will last? Such questions are very relevant when one is going to invest money in a source. But the excellent durability factor of solar panels makes this investment worth it.

Anyone needs to have a concise knowledge of solar panel validity if one wants to assess the efficiency of the technology and measure the return on investment. So let’s find out all about it.

How long does Solar Panel Last?

The average life of solar panels is 25 years, operating at around 80% of their maximum energy generation capacity.

The solar panel warranty is insured for a minimum of 25 years, in which the manufacturer will bear the costs of maintenance, replacement if necessary, repairs, etc.

What makes solar panels last longer?

According to a study of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States, it is possible to see an annual reduction in the loss of performance of solar panels. Recent studies have shown that they lose far less than 1% efficiency per year, averaging just 0.5% per year. This means that solar panels are lasting almost twice as long as estimated. But what makes it last?

The solar panels are made of crystalline silicon, covered by a tempered glass of high impact resistance and weight. This makes the modules withstand extreme conditions such as strong winds, extreme heat, and cold, including snow.

These cells are so light that they could produce energy as efficiently as glass-based solar cells, even on top of a soap bubble. This is positive news for those who want to have an excellent cost-benefit ratio for their investment.

Can we make our solar panels last longer?

The solar panel validity can be extended with 100% efficiency if we take proper measures for its maintenance to make it more profitable in the long run. Following are some to optimize and extend your solar plant’s operating period-

    • Acquire quality solar panels: This investment will be worth spending a little more on quality panels since they will give fewer problems and will last longer to produce better energy.


    • Pick a trustworthy installation company: Just as you would not ask your neighbor to repair your car, you would not ask any handyman to install solar panels for you. Paying a company with years of experience in the sector and that has the necessary guarantees is something that we must do. With this, we will ensure a quality and durable installation.


    • Keeping the panels clean and free of obstacles: Taking care that branches, objects do not damage the panels, and dirt, in general, is equally essential for the life of our solar panels. Please place them in the area of the roof that least influences the wind and rain.


Now that you know how long a solar energy panel lasts. Therefore, don’t waste your money anymore and invest in this technology with Waaree Energies Limited today to reduce your electricity bill and gain more profit in return

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