With a recent increase in the use of solar panels across the world, the importance of a solar site survey before the installation has also increased. Using solar panels has proved to be an effective and eco-friendly method of generating electricity. It is also one of the most economical methods of electricity generation as the electricity charges are considerably reduced. The place where the solar panels are placed is one of the most important factors in determining the efficiency of the solar panel.

The panels are mostly placed on  rooftops or on some upraised platforms that gain maximum sunlight for the longest part of the day. To ensure that the solar panels are placed on the spot to ensure their maximum efficiency, it is important to have a thorough solar site survey before the installation begins.

What Is a Solar Site Survey?

A solar site survey is an on-ground process. The professionals gather several pieces of information that might be essential to calculate the efficiency of a solar panel for the particular site and the optimum size of the panel required. The various pieces of information that are gathered include:

  • The local climatic conditions of the area.
  • The physical details of the site and rooftops.
  • The power consumption needs of the customer.
  • Shades, if any, on the potential site or roof.

This site survey is carried out by a learned professional, and based on his observations, a 3D model of the site is prepared and used for the system design.

During a solar site survey, three basic elements are taken into consideration. These include:

Feasibility: The first thing they pay attention to is whether installing a solar panel is worth it. They check the solar panel’s efficiency compared to the cost of the panel and its maintenance. Accordingly, they suggest the user decide if solar panels will be beneficial for them.

Viability: Another aspect that they check is if the solar panel would give the user a  financial benefit in the long run compared to the traditional source of electricity.

Power Requirements of the User: During the on-sight survey, the professionals also consider the customer’s energy requirements and calculate what percentage of the requirement would be covered by the electricity generated by the solar power.

What is the Need for a Site Survey Before Installation of a Solar Panel?

Every minute detail regarding the site is important for the efficiency of the solar panels. While the site owner is well aware of the area, the solar module providers need to be well acquainted with the site. They must have a thorough analysis regarding every aspect that affects the use of solar panels by the user.

The information accumulated by the professional during the site survey plays a major role in deciding every little aspect of the solar panel installation, ranging from the size of the panel to be used to the place that would be best for the installation of a solar panel.

The importance of a solar site survey is to ensure that:

  • The site does not have any shaded areas due to trees, staircases, water tanks, AC units, etc.
  • There should be clear and easy access to the site and solar panel for future maintenance procedures.
  • There should be a proper orientation to the sunlight.
  • The dimensions of the roof structure or the potential solar panel area should be taken.
  • The energy requirements of the customer should be calculated.

Actions Performed During a Solar Site Survey

To ensure that the solar panel installed performs exceptionally well and with optimum efficiency, it is extremely important to have a proper site survey performed by experts like Waaree. As per the survey data, the engineers and designers of the company can come up with a customised solution as per the customer’s requirements. Below is a list of tasks performed during the solar site survey.

The inclination of Solar Module: Inclination of the solar module is one of the most important factors affecting the solar panel’s efficiency. Part of the site survey is to ensure that the solar panels are installed in such a way that they receive the maximum amount of sunlight for the longest period throughout the day. For instance, since India is present in the northern hemisphere, the solar panel should be facing towards the true south to attain the maximum output.

Inspection of Roof Structure: While several countries have a uniform roof structure, India, with its diverse climate conditions, has different types of rooftops. With this, the importance of site survey and inspection of roof structures plays a major role. A few aspects that are taken into consideration during the roof structure inspection include the dimension of the roof, its inclination, the materials used for the construction of the roof, the rooftop direction, and its feasibility.

Shading Estimation of the Site: The site survey expert must ensure that a large area is free of any shaded region to ensure maximum efficiency. If a shadow falls on the solar panel at any part of the day, the efficiency of the PV system can be significantly reduced. With trees and high buildings generally present around the place, it is extremely important to have a proper shading estimation of the site.

Load Analysis: Load analysis, or  usage analysis, is the comprehensive analysis of the essential elements like AC and DC converters and electricity usage. The process also helps analyze the overall energy generation and evaluate the units of electricity that can potentially be saved.

Financial Analysis: Considering the project’s financial viability is another important aspect of the solar site inspection. The Indian Government offers several incentives and financial aid to  users who install solar panels for their electricity requirements. In the financial analysis, the general cost of the panel installation, the system’s economic applicability, and other essential financial parameters are considered.

A solar site survey before the installation of panels helps you get information regarding the potential efficacy of the solar PV system and helps you make an informed decision regarding the viability of the solar panels for your requirements. With Waaree at your service, you can achieve the best and most accurate site inspection results and high-quality solar PV systems as per your requirements. We are the largest and  best solar module manufacturers in India and are known worldwide for our high-quality products and services.

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