To avoid the problem of growing electricity rates, solar system installation will be in high demand. India wishes to transition to low-cost, environmentally friendly renewable energy sources like wind and solar energies.

It is important to understand factors like who buys solar panels, how to sell electricity from solar panels, etc. Let’s talk about these factors!

Who Buys Solar Panels?

Residential customers are the one who buy solar panels, accounting for 84 percent of all solar electric systems installed. On the other hand, residential PV systems are typically significantly smaller than commercial PV systems, accounting for only 33% of grid-tied PV systems in terms of megawatts. Half of the respondents say they don’t have children or don’t have any at all.

How to sell solar panels online

Following the 4 steps outlined below, you may sell solar panels online:

  1. Make a plan
  2. The first step is to identify your potential buyers because beginning a business if you don’t have any interested buyers for your goods is pointless. Those who currently have a battery backup or have high electricity bills could be good candidates for solar.

  3. Approach
  4. If your customer has a battery backup system already

    • Learn about the locations where electricity is only available for 5-6 hours a day.
    • Learn about the locations with low voltage (below 190V).

    If your customer’s electricity bills are excessively high

    • Find info about clients who use air conditioners frequently, such as houses, hospitals, schools, and offices. Try to pay them a visit when their electricity bills have just been delivered. It normally occurs between the 7th and 14th day of the month.

  5. Identify the right product
  6. If your customer already has a battery backup, you can skip this step.

    A solar panel with three times the capacity of the batteries should be provided. If the customer has a 150A battery, for example, you should offer a 500W solar panel to ensure that the battery is fully charged during the day.

    If your customer’s electricity bills are excessively high, which exceeds Rs. 1,000, an AC module can be placed, and the system can be expanded if necessary.

  7. Gain trust
  8. Because solar is such a large investment, buyers are always looking for a reputable and trustworthy company. It’s critical to have it installed by a reputable company.

How to sell electricity from solar panels?

Many people ask questions like ‘can I sell solar power to power companies?’ and ‘how to sell solar power back to the grid in India?’

There are some ways on how to sell electricity from solar panels. The most important one is the net metering concept.

Net metering: It is the ideal way to earn from having solar panels put on your roof. The billing technique used by the utility to compensate you for the surplus electricity generated by your solar system and uploaded to their grid is known as net metering.

When excess electricity is produced than the amount you need, it is fed into the system. The electricity is subsequently distributed to fulfill your community’s electrical needs.

Now you have got the answers to questions like ‘how to sell solar power back to the grid in India?’ and ‘can I sell solar power to power companies?’ it’s time to act.

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