When you think of an environmentally friendly form of energy source, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is solar energy. Solar energy is a rapidly growing form of energy source almost competing with conventional energy sources.

The beauty of generating energy just through sunlight is astounding. But how do you install a solar panel system? We are here to guide you through a step-by-step process in installing small-size solar panels of 1kw to 10kw.

    1. Pick the right size panels : The first step that should be done when installing a solar panel system is checking your roof space. Your roof space is what determines your solar panel dimensions. Small size solar panels that can be used for your home range from 1kw to 10kw. The area required for a 1kw solar panel is about 10 square meters.
      For an area required of 10KW solar panel setup, the required area would be about 600 meters. The thumb rule determines whether you need multiple small panels or a few big panels.
    2. Installing the mounts: Solar panel mounts can be classified as roof, ground, top of the pole, side of the pole, and tracking system mounts. The most widely used form of mounting for house purposes is the roof mount. When installing the mount, make sure that they face towards the south. South direction is where there’s more sunlight. Some of the components that this setup requires are clamps, rails, brackets, trays, and clips.
    3. Cable connections: Connect your solar panels either in series or parallel. Please make sure these connections are tight as you do not want them to disconnect in the future. Pick the best wires for your setup.
    4. Installing and connecting an inverter: After connecting all your solar panels, install an inverter for these panels. The most recommended place to install them is close to the main panel and at a cool place. The next step is connecting your inverter to the consumer unit; a consumer unit provides electricity to your inverter.
    5. Test your Panels : Switch on your solar panel system to check if the installation process was successful or not. Fix your solar panel connections if they don’t work, as there may be loose connections.
    6. Maintenance: Maintaining your solar panel system is as important as setting it up. Constantly check for any dirt on your panels and clean them up. Check with your seller’s warranty before you clean them yourselves. Using a hose can make it easy to clean up the dirt.

Installing solar panels for your house is a great way to obtain power through natural light-emitting sources. Solar energy is the most efficient and equally eco-friendly. It’s not a big task to install solar panels. People often don’t consider this option due to a lack of awareness. But this is a growing industry and as good as any form of conventional energy sources. Apart from this, solar energy is also cost-effective. It is a one-time investment and much cheaper than any form of conventional energy source.

Remember these steps, and you can save up on a lot of money. You never have to worry about paying too much for your electricity ever again. Reach out to Waaree, one of the best manufacturers of solar panels in India.

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