Promoting the use of renewable sources of energy is extremely important for India as well as the entire planet. To do so, the Indian Government has taken the initiative to convert 40% of India’s electricity from various renewable sources by 2030.

Hence, solar energy  plays a very crucial role in this entire process, and hence, the government has been coming up with various policies to develop the same. A large number of citizens have been trying to make use of solar panels. However, like many other electric products, there are also counterfeits of solar products. And yes, fake solar panels do exist. Many times, most price-sensitive customers get fooled into buying fake solar panels.

As there is a relatively high demand for solar panels, fake ones are also being sold at par with the original solar panels. Because of this, it becomes extremely difficult for the consumers to differentiate between the original solar panels and the fake ones.

How to Spot Fake Solar Panels?

Due to all these reasons, a lot of people get confused about how to identify between the original and fake solar panels. Some people even end up opting not to buy any solar panels. Therefore, we have come up with a solution. Here are the tips that you need to follow to spot the difference between the original and the fake solar panels.

Look For Body Defects.

Fake solar panels are the ones that are made up of substandard materials. The outer protective coating of these solar panels is unstable and tends to peel off soon after a few days of manufacturing.

If you come across a solar panel that naturally has body defects like these, it is a sign that the solar panel you are looking into is a fake one. Hence, avoid buying the same.

Check Out If There Are Any Cracked Or Chipped Solar Cells.

When the solar panel manufacturer uses a low-class or grade B solar cell, you may find some cracks or flakes on the same. These kinds of cracked solar cells or solar modules are not at all sustainable. Even if you come across any breakages on these solar cells, you should conclude that it’s a fake solar panel.

These breakages happen because of the manual soldering process, whereas the soldering process is automated in the case of the original solar panels. It would help if you kept in mind that the automated soldering process minimises the breakages. The solar modules that have any kind of solar debris or wire inside are sub-standard solar panels.

Examine The Solar Cell Alignment.

Largely, the fake solar panels have misplaced solar cell string alignments. You can easily spot the misplaced solar cell string in the respective solar panel. Even though it does not affect the performance of the solar panel, it can help you point out the counterfeit solar panel.

If the solar cell alignment is not fixed properly by the manufacturer, there is a high probability of finding defects in the other parts as well.

Check Out The Tempered Glass.

All the solar panels are made up of tempered glass panels to protect themselves from getting scratches. The scratches on the glass cover of the solar panel indicate insecure storage of the same by the manufacturer. This is because of the low quality of the solar panel glass, which may even turn out to be harmful at times and hence, needs to be avoided.

Small scratches may just cause some slight shading on the solar cells. However, large scratches may lead to compromising light transmitting.

Look Into The Scribed Labels And Barcodes.

As mentioned in the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, every manufacturer must compulsorily ensure that every solar module manufactured by them has a valid barcode at the backside of the glass. This helps to track the device whenever required. Fake solar panel manufacturers might try to fix the same with the help of broken barcodes.

Most of the time, the warranty card is also forged. In such a case, if the solar panel breaks down, you may have huge losses. If you find yourself confused in this kind of situation, try rubbing out the barcode by pouring some alcohol on the same. If the barcode gets peeled off, it is a fake solar panel.

However, if you are not able to recognize the original solar panel even after following all the above points, you can try checking out the colour. The original solar panels come in only blue colour. Other than that, you can try checking if the respective solar panel is weather resistant. Normally, the original solar panel is always weather resistant.

Quality of Waaree’s Solar Panel

Buying solar panels is one of the best decisions every individual makes. This is because solar panels are your long-term investments and are also environmentally friendly at the same time. Waaree is one of India’s largest solar panel manufacturing companies, with more than 350 branches all over the country.

Not only that, but Waaree also has its branches and franchises in foreign countries and is considered the best company for providing authentic and quality solar panels.

Final Thoughts

Fake or counterfeit solar panels do exist. For the sake of protecting your hard-earned money, try out all the above tips to spot the original and the fake solar panel. Fake solar panels will not only waste your money but also prevent your energy production. Don’t try backing up your decision to buy a solar panel. Instead, try looking for signs that may help you identify whether the solar panel you are buying is fake or original.

After reading this article, you will be able to spot the differences between the attested solar panels and the counterfeit solar panels. If you plan to buy or install a solar panel for your home, office, farm, etc., make sure to go for a legitimate and renowned brand. To get started with your eco-conscious lifestyle, visit the Waaree website, and order 100% authentic solar panels easily and at the best market prices.

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