The Maharashtra State Electricity Regulatory Commission has notified the Net Metering in Maharashtra for Roof-top Solar PV applications with regulations.

The government has thrown its weight and money behind the development of solar technology in recent years. Net metering is only one of the ways to convert a simple rooftop into a solar power plant that is viable and sustainable at both institutional and individual levels.

What is net metering?

Maharashtra electricity board keeps track of the energy consumed/ generated by a solar-powered unit through net metering. It allows the consumers to feed surplus and excess solar power into the state’s power grid and receive a credit on their electricity bill.

Net Metering in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has the 8th largest installed solar power generation capacity in the country. Maharashtra’s solar capacity in the fourth quarter of 2018 stood at 1,311 MW, with solar PV application now accounting for 3% of the overall installed electricity generation capacity. The government has an entire website dedicated to this need.

Step by step guide to apply for net metering

  • Step1: Click on the link provided below or google search it and visit the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited ( website.
  • Step 2: Click on Consumer Portal

  • Step 3: Once you are redirected to Consumer Access Portal. Click on Quick Access.

  • Step4: Select RE Rooftop Net Metering. Apply for the RE Rooftop link.

  •  Step 5: After clicking on “Apply for RE Rooftop,” read all basic guidelines before filling the form.

  • Step 6: Now, fill the form carefully and submit the net metering application.

Documents required for Net Metering application

In case, RE Generating system is self-owned

  • Mandatory technical details (Renewable Energy Generating Station, Inverter and other equipment of System proposed to be installed).
  • Partnership Firms: General POA in favour of signatory

In case, RE Generating system is not self-owned

  • In addition to the above in (a), Mandatory Third-Party Leasing Agreement.

In case RE System Capacity is 200 KW or more.

  • In addition to the above in (a), Mandatory Electrical Inspector Permission.
Things to keep in mind when filling up the net metering application
  • Fill in the correct information for receiving the OTP and in the relevant column.
  • Note the request-ID for future tracking of the solar net metering application.
  • Fill in the correct consumer number so the request can be assigned to the correct MSEDCL field office.
  • Solar net metering application processing fees are non-refundable.
  • The consumer shall bear the cost of Net Meter, Generation meter (Source wise) and all costs related to the setting up of the Renewable Energy Generating System setting up.

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