We all had that childhood, where we had calculators which we used to keep in the sunshine as we were told its battery will get charged when you’ll put it in the sunlight. At that time hardly we knew that there was a solar cell because of which it was charging. Refer to the below image in order to do a quick memory revision.

quick memory revision

Solar Watches

When we talk about Solar Watches, then it becomes easy to define them as – A Watch which get charged through solar energy with the help of an inbuild charging mechanism enabled by solar cells.

Solar Watches


History of Solar Watches

The Riehl Time Corporation's 1978 model was simply described as using solar power, but with silicon power cells that "absorb energy from natural sunlight, daylight, or an ordinary light bulb".

The early solar watches of the 1970s had innovative and unique designs to accommodate the array of photovoltaic solar cells needed to power them (Synchronar, Nepro, Sicura, Cristalonic, Alba, Rhythm, Seiko, and Citizen). Citizen began selling analogue light-powered watches under the Eco-Drive name in 1996. The efficiency and capacity of photovoltaic devices have greatly improved since their introduction. In 2009, solar-powered watches were a major part of the range of watches offered by watchmakers. Other watchmakers, such as Orient, also use solar technology – Junghans, Casio, and Seiko.

Solar-powered watches were first sold in the 1980s, often featuring famous fictional characters like Transformers or G.I. Joe.

How Does a Solar Powered Watch work?

Solar watches are watches that are powered by light energy converted into electronic current.

Light energy is converted into electronic energy by a solar cell (solar cell unit under the dial). The watch moves by using the energy stored in the rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable batteries are eco-friendly, unlike disposable batteries such as dry batteries and button batteries. The battery can be recharged and discharged repeatedly for a long time.

  1. The environment needed for a Solar Watch in order to maintain appropriate functionality.

  • Expose the watch to light, and make sure it doesn’t get overheated.

  • As the light in the room is less, it naturally takes more time to charge.

  • Hence to charge place it near the window in order to expose the dial to the light.

needed for a Solar Watch

  1. Keep the watch exposed to bright light

The power generated by the watch's solar cell is stored in a rechargeable battery. Leaving or using the watch in a dark place will drain the battery. Make sure your watch is exposed to as much light as possible.

• Point the watch face toward a bright light source when the watch is not worn on the wrist.

• Keep your watch on your sleeve as much as possible. The charge is greatly reduced if the face is only partially covered.

• The clock keeps running even when no light hits it. Leaving your watch in the dark can drain the battery and disable some features of your watch. If the battery is dead, you will need to reconfigure the watch settings after charging. Make sure it is exposed to as much light as possible to ensure the proper operation of your watch.

 bright light bright light


  1. Power Supply

The watch is equipped with a solar cell and a battery that charges the electrical energy generated by the solar cell. The image below shows how the watch should be positioned for charging. Example: Orient the clock so that the clock face faces the light source.

  • Illustration shows the alignment of the clock on the resin belt.

  • Be careful not to cover the How Waaree can Help solar cells with clothing, as this will reduce the charging efficiency.

  • Keep your watch on your sleeve as much as possible. Drains are significantly reduced if the face is only partially covered.

Power Supply

  1. How do you know the charge Level?

The battery power indicator on the display shows the current state of charge of the battery.

How do you know the charge Level

  • A flashing LOW indicator at level 3 indicates that the battery is very low and needs to be exposed to bright light as soon as possible to recharge.

  • Level 5 disables all features and resets settings to factory defaults. Reconfigure the current time, date, and other settings when the battery reaches level 2 after dropping to level 5.

  • As soon as the battery is charged from Level 5 to Level 2, the display indicators reappear.

  • Exposing the watch to direct sunlight or other very strong light sources may cause the battery level indicator to temporarily show a higher value than the actual battery level.

  • After a few minutes, the correct battery level will be displayed. When the light or alarm is used multiple times in a short period of time, all segments of the battery level indicator will flash, and the following functions will be temporarily disabled when the battery level is restored – Display backlight – Alarms and time signals – Receiving time calibration signals. After a while, the battery level indicator will stop flashing, indicating that the battery level has returned to normal. At this point, the watch will return to normal operation.

  • How Waaree can Help

    If the battery level indicator blinks frequently, it means the battery level is low. Put the watch in a bright place to charge.

Do Solar watches charges with Artificial lights as well?

Yes, they can. In order to understand this, let us know more about the LUX.

The following table shows how long the watch needs to be exposed to light each day to generate enough power to operate normally.

Do Solar watches charges with Artificial lights as well

By exposing the system to light frequently, stable operation can be achieved.

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Recovery Times

Below is a table showing how much exposure is needed to move the battery up a level.

Recovery Times

Are Solar Watches built to last forever?

Solar Watches consist of this core differentiation as compared to the conventional watches that is, they have a recharging capability, which enhances their lives from 10-20 years as compared to their counterparts.

What are the benefits of a Solar Watch?

There are many advantages of wearing a Solar watch, some are mentioned below:

  • Effortless to charge

  • Very little maintenance

  • Long reserve battery

  • Environmental friendly

  • Efficient for adventurers

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How Waaree can Help?


How Waaree can Help

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