Have you ever wondered if you can pump water with no conventional electricity sources? The answer is yes! There are ways in which you can pump water with just sunlight. This form of pumping mechanism that is implemented using photovoltaic energy is known as solar-powered water pumping. But how exactly does a solar water pump work? We are here to guide you through that.

Solar-powered water pump

Pumps that use natural light (sunlight) to generate energy and pump water. It is made up of one or more panels known as photovoltaic modules. A solar-powered water pump aims at extracting water from ponds, lakes, and borewells. Its most common use is for agricultural irrigation.

Need for a solar pump

  • Grid dependency: The pumps that are available these days are grid-dependent; this means that a power cut can turn down the entire system. A solar pump can eradicate this problem.
  • Usage: The ability of a solar energy system makes it efficient to use it for however long we want.
  • Cost-efficient: A solar-powered water pump is more advisable as it is cost-efficient.

Types of grid solar systems

An off-grid solar pump of 2kw is ideal for homes, offices, and shops. In houses with 0.5Hp, water motors also use 2kw off-grid solar pumps. It requires 200 sq feet of space and can generate 10 units per day.

An off-grid solar pump of 3kw is ideal for big shops and homes. It requires about 300 sq feet of space and can generate 15 units per day. 1hp water motors use this type of system.

  1. 2 kW off-grid
  2. 3kW off-grid

Households and solar water pumps

A solar water pump has wide applications in the field of agriculture. But did you know that they can be used at home as well? A lot of residential complexes have installed solar panels to pump water. It has multiple applications ranging from pumping drinking water to pumping water for gardening purposes. One reason that drives people in buying a solar panel setup is its remarkable performance in producing energy.

How much do solar water pumps cost?

  • A 0.5 hp water pump price ranges from 20,000 rupees to 60,000 rupees. The price may vary depending upon the sellers.
  • A 1hp solar water pump price ranges from 70,000 rupees to over 1 lakh, depending on the type and the seller.

The overall setup of solar panels can cost about 2-3 lakhs. But don't worry, it is only a one-time investment.

Solar energy became a widely used form of energy source because of its capability to produce and generate natural energy. Apart from being a growing industry, it has its advantages. Unlike conventional energy sources, a solar-powered setup can run all 24 hours of the day. If agricultural lands can use solar energy to pump water, so can households and residential complexes.

Get your solar-powered water pumps from Waaree now, and it can help you lose those hiked energy bills. You can now generate energy to pump drinking water or water for domestic use even.

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