India is flagging its name as the most prominent producer of renewable energy across the globe. The government has introduced a goal of achieving advanced sustainable development by the end of 2022 in its attempts to push forward into advanced sustainable development.

The use of residential and commercial solar rooftop systems has reiterated the power of notion. With the advancement of solar energy, numerous businesses, industries, and organizations are getting more comfortable shifting to solar rooftop, or we can say solar business.

Benefits of installing solar rooftop for a business

There are several reasons how installing a solar rooftop panel can be advantageous for businesses:

  • It is enriched with government subsidies
  • The government grants tax incentives to those who install rooftop solar panels, regardless of whether it’s solar for home or commercial, to encourage people to adopt and acclimate to solar energy. As reported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the government subsidizes 30% of the installation cost of a solar business.

  • It provides an efficient, environmentally sustainable access to energy
  • Plenty of businesses depend on backup power sources such as diesel generators. These alternative solutions present adverse effects on health, surroundings and they have unsettled overhead costs. In this scenario, solar energy comes in handy as a game changer and a cost-effective source of electricity. Solar rooftop panels are environmentally friendly and feasible because they utilize the energy of the sun.

  • It requires minimal upkeep
  • The concept that rooftop solar panels demand very little maintenance is one reason that underlines their significance. They have a service life of more than 20 years. Furthermore, rooftop solar panels are flexible enough to be installed on any kind of roof.

    As a result, a solar business does not require vacating the property or investing in additional land to install rooftop solar panels.

  • It is a long-term asset
  • Electricity prices fluctuate year after year. As a result, it’s challenging to keep track of electricity spending over a long period, which can be unpredictable for a business. The cost of electricity generated by solar rooftops, on the other hand, is easy to calculate. In essence, the cost of electricity generation can be calculated for another 5-10 years (or until the solar rooftop system is installed and operational).

  • It contributes to green energy
  • Rooftop solar is the first approach towards Net Zero Emissions’ true objective. Consumers, mainly industrial and commercial customers, are ready to make investments to contribute to the protection and maintenance of the environment.

  • It is a low-cost alternative
  • The most significant benefit of installing a rooftop solar system is the cost reduction it provides. Rooftop solar installations can even assist building owners who choose solar for a home to save money on their energy bills. Rooftop panels provide electricity to buildings, requiring them to purchase less electricity from the grid, resulting in lower energy costs.

Considering the benefits of installing a solar rooftop panel for business, it is not wrong to say that it is indeed a wise decision to choose solar energy for your business. If you’re looking for top-notch quality & durable solar products, Waaree is the ideal solution for you!

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