Among the different solar panel mounting types, roof-mount and ground-mount solar systems are the most common. Though both will have the same electricity output, it is said that ground-mounted solar panels are more productive. This is because a ground mount solar panel installation can be designed with an orientation and tilt angle that helps maximise the sunlight it captures.

An Overview Of Ground-mounted Solar Panel Systems

Ground-mounted solar panel systems are an array of photovoltaic Modules that produce Direct Current (DC) from the sun. It is a solar solution set up on the ground, either with a single pole or a rigid metal frame Module Mounting Structure (MMS)

Experts install ground-mounted solar panels in a large field or yard. However, they can be converted to a rooftop system if no ground is available for installation. These solar panels or modules are ideal options for DIY solar panel projects as they have a safe installation process.

Types Of Ground-mount Solar Installations

People can install a ground-mount solar system in any place having good sun exposure and open space. Here is a breakdown of the different types of ground-mount solar installations.

1. Standard ground mount :

A standard ground mount is also called a traditional ground mount. Experts use ground anchors to hold the standard ground mount’s racking table for supporting the solar panels. A ground-mount solar system holds up a solar array in a fixed position and is the most cost-effective solution for ground installation.

2. Pole mount:

A pole mount helps avoid ground obstructions like foliage, as it offers better clearance from the ground. Experts build these solar panel ground mounting systems by digging a large hole and setting up a large pole.

Pros and Cons of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels are considered one of the best renewable energy investments. Here are the pros and cons associated with solar panels.


  • Sunshine alignment
  • Experts design solar panel arrays to maximize sun exposure and generate the most electricity. Ground-mount panels help optimize solar energy creation as people can point them in an optimal direction for better sun exposure.
  • No roof restrictions
  • Rooftop panels are restricted by the roof size of a home, and because of that, the amount of solar energy created may drop. However, people can install a system with zero roof space restrictions using ground-mount panels.
  • Better flexibility
  • Experts can orient the ground-mount solar systems to optimize the sun’s energy by moving them at the best angle to maximize the electricity generation capacity.
  • Greater energy production
  • The highest quality solar panels have an efficiency of 20 to 23% energy production.


  • Unobstructed land requirement
  • You require a large area that is open to the sun’s rays with no plants or trees in nearby places for ground-mount solar panel installations.
  • Aesthetic options
  • Ground-mounted solar systems are not ideal for residential areas, and experts prefer unpopulated or commercial locations to install them. So, it is not aesthetically relevant to get them installed in a backyard as they need more space.

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Ground-mounted Solar Panels: Are They Ideal For Your Home?

You have to consider a few scenarios to decide whether ground-mounted solar panels are ideal for your home. Solar installations depend on the environment and the location hosting the solar panels. If your area receives sufficient sunlight and has excessive open space, ground-mount panels may work best for you. However, they will not suit your home if you have a heavily shaded property. Moreover, your area must not be overshadowed by obstructions like walls, buildings, trees, billboards, etc.

Ground-mounted Solar Panel Requirements

You have to analyze your home’s electricity consumption to know the number of solar panels to be installed at your location. You can approach your energy provider or a solar installation company to get a free quote for the panel installation. You can also calculate the number of solar panels needed by multiplying the hourly energy requirement by the sunlight hours and dividing it by the panel’s wattage.
Best ground-mounted solar panels

Waaree Energies Ltd. provides the best ground-mounted solar panels in 350 locations across India and 68 other countries. The company deals with the following solar panels or modules.
WAAREE 450W 144 Cells Mono PERC Bificial Solar Module

With better performance and high reliability in all climatic conditions, Waaree’s bificial solar module helps reduce power losses and sustain snow loads and heavy winds. It has an anti-reflective coating that improves light transmission.

WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Framed Glass Transparent Backsheet Mono PERC Bifacial Module
Waaree’s reliable back sheet mono PERC module is aesthetically designed for the best thermal coefficients and helps increase shade tolerance. It includes a split junction box for improving heat dissipation.
WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Framed Dual Glass Mono PERC Bifacial Module

The frame dual glass module is crack tolerant and highly reliable for ground installations. The product is enhanced with thermal coefficients and increases shade tolerance. The module also improvises heat dissipation.

WAAREE 445W 144 Cells Mono PERC Bificial Solar Module
The 144 cells mono solar module from Waaree is crack tolerant and reliable for all climatic conditions. It has a split junction box and an anti-reflective coated glass to improve light transmission. The weatherproof module is resistant to hail, salt mist, and ammonia.

WAAREE 445W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module
The mono PERC module from Waaree has long-term reliability and ensures better performance in any climate. The weatherproof module is resistant to salt mist, ammonia, hail, snow loads, and heavy winds. The crack-tolerant product also has a split junction box.

WAAREE 450W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module
Waaree’s 450W mono solar module ensures better performance and reliability in all climatic conditions. It is crack tolerant and weatherproof and helps sustain snow loads, heavy winds, hail, salt mist, etc. The PID-resistant module also reduces power losses.

WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module
Waaree’s 540W solar module is best for thermal coefficients and ensures optimum performance. It has a split junction box for improving heat dissipation and helps increase shade tolerance.

Final Thoughts

These solar panel ground mounting systems help produce direct electricity from the sun. You can install them anywhere on your property—like in a backyard or open space.
Waaree Energies Ltd. provides EPC solutions as per your needs and energy consumption customised as per your needs. If you are thinking of getting a ground-mounted solar panel and installation, visit Waaree Store or contact us to get help from the best experts for proper installation.

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