Installing solar panels on your roof can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the right information. As leaders in the Indian solar industry, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the downright dangerous when it comes to DIY solar installations.

That’s why we’ve put together this definitive guide on the do’s and don’ts of solar panel installation. Follow these tried and tested tips for smooth sailing with your solar power system.

-Do your research

The first step is always information gathering. Talk to solar installers, read guides, and watch installation videos to understand the overall process. Being prepared will help avoid silly mistakes later.

-Don’t attempt DIY installation

Unless you’re a qualified electrician, solar installation is best left to professionals. Improper installation can negate efficiency benefits or worse – cause accidents.

-Do a shading analysis

Determine if there are obstructions like trees, buildings, or water tanks that cast shadows on your roof. Solar panels perform best with maximum sunshine.

-Don’t ignore building stability

Ensure that your roof structure and condition can bear the additional weight load of the solar system.

-Do evaluate different solar panel types

Decide between mono/polycrystalline panels etc depending on factors like efficiency, space availability, budget etc.

-Don’t overlook electrical considerations

Account for the location of your electrical panel, condition of wiring, placement of conduits and metres – a certified electrician is a must.

-Do optimize panel orientation

Ideally face solar panels south at a tilt angle equal to your location’s latitude to maximize generation.

-Don’t overlook safety practices

Wear protective headgear, use safety harnesses for working on rooftops and power down the electrical mains until the system is ready to switch on.

-Do keep an eye on weather reports

Avoid installing panels on exceptionally hot/humid days or when heavy rain or storms are forecasted.

-Don’t block panels unnecessarily

Account for future rooftop equipment like coolers, antenna etc. and leave enough space around panels for access and maintenance.

-Do plan permissions and paperwork

Clarify paperwork like contracts, permits, grid connection application paperwork before starting the solar project.

-Do focus on quality checking

Thoroughly check all components and connections for defects before commissioning the solar system.

-Don’t ignore maintenance needs

Wash panels periodically, check electrical connections, monitor production – this enhances system longevity.

-Do map out your electrical setup beforehand/

Carefully diagram out a layout for where you want panels, wires, and electrical components to be placed on the roof. Having a detailed placement blueprint helps avoid complex last-minute changes.

-Don’t clutter panel surroundings

Leave ample room around panels – at least 1 foot on sides and back. This allows sunlight access from multiple angles and enables easier cleaning and maintenance.

-Do ensure watertight roof penetrations

Use high-quality casings, conduits and weatherproof sealants when making openings in your roof surface for wires to prevent leaks.
-Don’t skimp on safety gear

Use industrial-grade PPE equipment including insulated gloves, anti-slip shoes, and protective eyewear to minimize installation hazards.

-Don’t ignore minor defects

Closely check panels for micro-cracks, connectors for rust signs, conduits for holes – addressing issues early prevents bigger problems.

-Do test functionality before commissioning

Conduct end-to-end system tests, check meter readings and electrical parameters before officially switching everything on.

-Don’t try fixing problems yourself

For complex electronic and electrical corrective measures, employ authorized service technicians to avoid safety risks.

-Do inspect systems periodically

Conduct bi-annual solar plant inspections to identify ageing modules, loose wirings, debris accumulation early.

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