If you’ve followed our blog, we’ve discussed in detail the benefits and long-term advantages of installing solar panels in your household. As Indians become more aware of the process of buying and installing a solar panel, more people are questioning whether there are any additional benefits they can reap.

We, at Waaree, are proud to announce that the answer to this question is a firm yes! Waaree has introduced a new application called Waaree Prime that will help you reap benefits when you buy a solar panel.

What is Waaree Prime?

Waaree Prime is the first-of-its-kind program introduced by Waaree Energies for their customers. This application allows you to connect to all end-users and retailers, and channel partners that Waaree has partnered with. Waaree currently has over 5,000 EPC partners and expects to grow this number to 10,000 by the end of the year. Therefore, by enrolling in Waaree Prime, you’ll be part of the largest solar network ever created.

The Waaree Prime program can be used by everyone who has installed a Waaree solar Panel, including homeowners, commercial shop owners, building owners, EPC project handlers, retailers of all sizes, solar distributors, and sales associates.

How can you earn rewards from Waaree Prime?

Earning rewards from Waaree Prime is simple and can be done in three steps.

  1. Register for the program
  2. When you buy a solar product from Waaree, you can register in the program. Registration can be done through the Waaree Franchisee or through the Waaree Salesperson who sold you the solar product. You can also download the application using Google Play Store or Apple Store.

  3. Submitting serial number
  4. When you buy a solar panel, you will receive a unique serial number and QR code. Either WhatsApp that serial number to +91 8602844266 or scan the QR code using your mobile application.

  5. Earn the reward
  6. Once the scanning is complete, you will receive the reward of solar panel shopping in the form of ‘points’. Redeem these points for the reward of your choice! Each solar product has fixed points, depending upon the capacity of the product you buy.

What rewards do you get?

Once you have collected enough points, you can have various options. The various rewards of solar panel shopping from Waaree will include:

  • Discount vouchers
  • Physical gifts
  • E-vouchers
What will you need for registration?

You will need:

  1. Your valid mobile phone number.
  2. Full Name!

That’s it! You don’t need to submit any extensive documentation to download or earn points on Waaree Prime.

When you buy solar products from Waaree, you can now redeem unlimited rewards. You can opt to redeem all points in one go or redeem partially according to your need.

Waaree Prime is the first such application introduced in the energy sector. Our aim in introducing this application was simple: to ensure we can connect with all our customers from all parts of the country. So, whether you live in a city or a rural area, you can download and reap the reward of solar panel shopping.

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