Have you installed a solar panel in your home? Are you committed to sustainable living? If the answer is yes, then the list of 15 solar gadgets given below is for you!

Top 15 Solar powered gadgets

  • Solar inverters: Solar inverters are mainly responsible for converting all the solar energy captured by your solar panel to usable energy. Most households use AC power, whereas solar panels generate DC power. When you install an inverter, you can convert this power and use it to power all your gadgets.
  • Solar USB chargers: Phone charging can be difficult if you’re traveling. They are lightweight, compatible with all devices, and don’t require any additional charging.
  • Solar Water Heater: These solar equipment use all absorbed energy to heat water. The water can then be used for all household chores, including washing, laundry, bathing, etc.
  • Solar outdoor lights: The solar panels in these lights absorb solar energy and save it in a battery. During the nighttime, the charge in this battery is used by the lights.
  • Solar fans: Solar fans are excellent solar equipment for travelers. They work similarly to solar outdoor lights. However, they are lightweight and portable.
  • Solar flashlight: Solar flashlights need to be charged in the sun before use. They also have a USB backup charger that can be used to charge them if required.
  • Solar jackets: While these aren’t widely available, they are an excellent accessory for traveling. They absorb the sun during the day, which can then be used to maintain the temperature inside the jacket.
  • Solar power bank: The solar power bank stores the charge generated by an in-built solar panel. This charge can then be used to charge your other gadgets.
  • Solar portable lanterns: These were initially designed as accessories for hikers. They can be used as an artificial source of light during camping and other activities. They have very small chargers that provide just enough charge to work overnight.
  • Solar battery charger: If you have renewable batteries, you can easily charge them using a battery charger. These solar battery chargers use in-built solar panels. However, they don’t come with in-built batteries and need to be left out in the sun to charge.
  • Solar-powered calculators: These are not a new solar product! Casio introduced the first solar calculator, and they are still used!
  • Solar lamps: These are generally installed in your garden and will light up at night. They can be used as night lights for your home.
  • Solar motion sensors: You can install solar motion sensor lights in your home. These can either be connected to your solar panel or can include an in-built solar panel.
  • Solar phone cases: Solar phone cases absorb solar energy and charge your phone at the same time.
  • Solar Bluetooth headphones: While these are rare, these solar products are wireless headphones that use solar energy to charge.

These are some solar gadgets on a long list. If you already own a solar panel, these are some of the gadgets to look out for! They are 100% eco-friendly and will ensure you live sustainably. Waaree group is one of the top solar panel manufacturers growing rapidly. Waaree solar products are the best in quality and reliable in price.

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