With the cost of power and electricity, several businesses have been actively switching to solar power systems. Many homeowners and business owners have reported that using solar power systems has enabled them to cut their electricity costs up to 50% to 90%. To add to it, using solar energy, being an eco-friendly alternative, adds to the betterment of the planet. Solar PV systems for businesses are also being encouraged by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

Amongst the types of solar power systems, one of the most common types is the Off-grid solar power systems, often referred to as SAPS. There are various benefits of off-grid solar systems, but before getting into the benefits, let’s get a brief idea about what exactly an off-grid solar power system is.

Off-Grid Solar Power System

As the name suggests, the off-grid solar power systems work independently, off the grid. However, it is the type that operates by first generating electricity from the solar panels and then using that energy to charge a solar battery with the help of a charger controller.

That electricity is then converted via inverter so that it can power the home or business appliances. Via this method, the electricity that is saved in the battery can also be used to power the appliances during the night or at those times when there is less exposure to the sun.

An off-grid solar power system uses the following parts:

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Investing in an on-grid solar power system would mean that you would retain the common problems which are experienced by other common homeowners. For instance, there would be power outages, and you would have to depend on the professionals and would require particular infrastructures to make use of the electricity.

On the other hand, one of the several benefits of off-grid solar power systems is that you would be able to set yourself free from the problem of power outages, considerably reduce the electricity bills, and the installation would be an easy task. It would mean presenting an alternate source of power while ensuring that the environment doesn’t suffer in any way.

Now, let’s dive into some of the major benefits of off-grid solar power systems:

Makes you completely energy independent:

Power Outages are unpredictable and occur without warning. This means that you’d have to live without lighting causing great inconvenience. One of the benefits of off-grid solar power systems is that it makes you completely independent by going off the power grid. This would mean that you will not be tied to the city’s powerhouse in any manner. So when the power is cut from there, you will not have to suffer from the power outage.

Installing an off-grid solar power system at your home would make it self-sufficient when it comes to the accumulation of energy. Since this solar power system uses solar energy to charge the battery and then use that energy to power the home appliances, you would no longer have to worry about the functioning of appliances during the storms, rains, cold snaps, heatwaves, or other factors which have the potential of disrupting power by damaging power lines or increasing energy demand.

Since this system is a stand-alone, all that you have to worry about is your power necessities. This system also proves to be beneficial for those situations where such calamities occur which can result in long term power outages. People using off-grid solar power systems can survive with relative comfort in these situations.

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Installation possible virtually anywhere:

The equipment that is required for the installation of off-grid solar power systems does not have to depend on the grid, and therefore, the process of installation is quite straightforward, without the need to rely on complex infrastructure to function.

Plus, there is no need to depend on the professionals who otherwise would have been required to connect your system to the city’s power grid. With some basic knowledge, a person can easily install this system. Since the process is not complicated, there is no need to depend on any professional.

Sets you free from rising electricity charges:

Even today, fossil fuels like petroleum, coal, natural gas and oil happen to be the primary source of energy. However, these resources are finite and are depleting at a high rate. With this depletion, the prices for these resources continue to rise and as a result, the electricity bill also continues to surge.

This sector again becomes one of the benefits of off-grid solar power systems. While there is one-time investment that you have to make while purchasing these, you can save a lot in the long term. As the off-grid solar power systems rely solely on the sun to produce energy for the household, you no longer have to worry about the monthly electricity charges.

An easy alternative for the rural areas:

Rural areas are susceptible to frequent blackouts and the residents of rural and remote areas tend to have electricity-related problems as one of the major issues. Rural areas have fewer infrastructures and those too are not very advanced. As a result, connection to the main power grid would be difficult and an expensive affair.

In such areas, off-grid solar power systems prove to be the most profitable option. These systems would make your household independent and free from the inconsistent power channels of the city grid.

Environment friendly:

Burning fossils to create electricity would result in high emission of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, increasing the problem of global warming. However, solar energy being the renewable source of energy is ecofriendly. There is no emission of any harmful gas as these power systems use solar power to produce energy. Thus, with the use of these systems, you also contribute to keeping Mother Nature clean and green.

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