The use of solar panels is appreciated all over the world. Solar panels offer a number of advantages to people and don’t affect the environment at the same time. Similarly, the bifacial solar modules also offer many environment-friendly advantages over these traditionally used solar panels.

Do you think solar panels will overtake the future market of products for the energy sector? The answer might be yes. The global market is moving towards renewable forms of energy to stop climate change.

It is the best alternative to other fossil fuels, which generate gases like carbon dioxide and methane. The solar panels reduce carbon emissions in the air and make it less harmful for people to breathe in.

In contrast to these traditionally used solar panels, bifacial modules offer many efficient uses. The dual surfaces of the solar panel can be used to generate electricity. These bifacial solar modules are present in many designs and produce much more energy than required.

And, they’re not at all difficult to install! Let’s see how.

Bifacial solar modules can be installed easily in many ways.

These modules come in different frames and designs. You can install these modules at your convenience. Let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can install them.

The framed bifacial module is easier to get installed as compared to other designs. The racking system and the mounting, which is a traditional process, are already included in the framed bifacial module. The manufacturers provide their customers with these modules and overtake the installation processes. They also provide their customers with clamps that act as supports while installing the framed bifacial module.

Rubber guards are the main feature of the frameless bifacial module to protect the glass. These rubber guards protect the glass and over-tightening bolts from getting damaged. These modules perform better on the mounted ‘arrays’ and rooftops of the commercial flats.

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  • Framed bifacial module
  • Frameless bifacial module

Features of Bifacial Modules

Given below are some of the features of bifacial solar modules:

The energy output by the bifacial modules depends on different substrates like grass, the commercial roof, gravel, and dark shingle. The energy output of these bifacial modules are not consistent, and the module is dependent mainly on the rooftop factor.

The community of finance is bringing the quality in the service and creating a feasible fees structure that will be accessible to middle-class customers. The cost-effective structure will also include the quality materials in the structure.

The use of bifacial modules is dependent on many factors. They are used on a large commercial scale. The electricity production companies are using the bifacial modules for increasing the efficiencies.

These efficiencies are dependent on factors like budget, environment, space, and goals for energy independence. The bifacial solar modules use these factors to make the right utilization of solar technologies.

  1. Unpredictable energy output
  2. Cost structure
  3. Factors dependency

What are the Multi Busbar Solar Panels?

The Multi Busbar Solar Panel aims at decreasing the resistive losses by reducing the current flowing through the fingers along the busbars. These busbar solar panels have taken over the largest share of the market and possess the potential to increase the facility of the technology.

The Multi Busbar works on two different technologies:

The SWCT works uniquely and differentiates itself from the traditional approach of printing the busbars. This unique technology coats the wires, which are thin in nature in the low melting points of alloy and embeds them into the ‘polymer foil’.

There are many advantages that SmartWire Connection Technology has overtaken from the traditional busbars. This technology focuses on the lamination process, which reduces the temperature and saves the use of silver up to 80%.

The soldering technology is a traditional approach towards panel manufacturing. The soldering is thin and is rounded across the cells in the place of flat ribbons.

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  • SmartWire Connection Technology
  • Traditional Soldering Technology

Waaree’s Solar Panel Manufacturing Techniques

Waaree is also engaged in the production of these solar panels. The Waaree glass module is cost-effective and provides quality to the customers. The Waaree 540Wp Bifacial Solar Module provides the highest reliability. Let us look at the feature that this 540 watt provides to their customers.

The features that Waaree provides are:

The shade tolerance of these panels is very high. These shades block the flow of the rays in the panels. The tolerance of the shades affects the energy output on a very large scale.

When the cells are shaded, they can use energy to protect the cells. You can see the difference between the quality of a less tolerable shade and a more tolerable shade. The shade tolerance of the panel provided by Waaree is very efficient and has good shade tolerance.

Thermal efficiency maintains the level of expansion because of heat. The products need to be enough thermal coefficient to maintain the quality and the energy output of the panels. The 540Wp bifacial solar panel offers its users the best thermal coefficients to their customers.

Don’t you want the optimum performance by the bifacial solar panel? The panels provided by Waaree are very efficient and fulfill the criteria of optimum performance.

The solar panel cells play an important role in determining the quality and the output energy it has. The more efficient the cell is, the better the energy output for the user.

  • Shade tolerance
  • Thermal coefficients
  • Optimum performance
  • Efficient cells

Waaree has been in the business of solar panels for a very long time and provides its customers with quality products. They are cost-effective and ensure a good service to their customers. You can visit their website if you need to get more information about solar panels. Therefore, you can get an idea about the solar panel you choose for your roof.

Waaree Group is a leading provider of EPC services, project development, solar water pumps, and independent power generation in India. The company has its presence in over 350 locations in the United States and in 68 countries across the world.

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