As the world moves towards more environmentally conscious energy production models, solar energy has become a leading contender in India as its economy experiences rapid growth. India has always been at the forefront of renewable energy sources using hydel power, geothermal energy and wind energy alongside fossil fuels.

Now, solar panels have become increasingly popular in the country due to their various advantages such as savings on electricity bills as well as avoiding power cuts, with the most important reason for people opting for solar energy being the frequent power cuts in Indian many cities and towns.

One solar product that is useful in Tier 2 towns and cities where power cuts are common is the 500W Solar System. This system acts as a small power plant whose peak load is not more than 650 watts.

The 500W Solar System can power a small 2 to 3 BHK house in India for 4 to 5 hours. It has monocrystalline panels and offers 97 percent inverter efficiency and more than 16 percent module efficiency. Read along to learn more about the 500 watt solar panel price in India.

Where can the 500W Solar System be used?

The 500 watt solar panel can be used to power a small 2 to 3 BHK house in India. A fully charged system can run up to two ceiling fans, one television set, ten LED light bulbs, and charge one laptop or mobile phone in terms of devices.

What are the components that make up the 500W Solar System?

The 500W Solar System has three major components:

  • An inverter of 1100 VA
  • A battery of  150 Ah
  • Monocrystalline solar panels of 540 Watt

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What is the price of a 500 watt solar panel in India?

The 500 watt solar panel price in India is approximately Rs. 50,000, but it could vary depending on the seller, location, etc. Here are some approximate numbers for 500 watt solar panel products and luminous solar panel 500 watt price in India:



Solar 180W-12V Mono Panel (3)

₹ 22,500

Luminous 150Ah Solar Battery (1)

₹ 18,500

Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter 1100/12V (1)

₹ 6,000

Solar 3 panel stand (375 watts)

₹ 5,000

Solar DC Cable, 4 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair

₹ 1,700

3 Panel MC4 Connectors pair

₹ 1,050

Power cuts have become quite common in a lot of Tier 2 towns and cities across India, which can be a nuisance in today’s day and age, where work from home and online schooling have become a regular phenomenon.

The 500W solar system has turned out to be a great source of relief, especially for those who depend on power for work, school and other activities. Additionally, solar panels allow you to save up to 1.5 units of electricity per day, thereby lessening the burden of high electricity bills. Purchase your 500W solar system from “” today.

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