With utility bills and the expense of living is rising, there has never existed a more suitable time to switch to solar. Far from denoting a one size fits all resolution to your electricity requirements, there is a solar power system that is absolute for your house and perfectly fits in your budget.

Dependable and cost-efficient, a 3kW solar system is ideal for the nuclear Indian family, usually sized between 300sq to 500sq ft. and holds an average electricity bill. This is why numerous people nowadays look for a 3kw solar inverter price and wish to grab all the information about a 3kW solar system and its functionality.

3kW Solar System usage

A 3kW solar system fitting is most competent when looking for a complete rooftop solar panel installation for your home, villa, office or independent floor. This 3kW solar system installed on your rooftop allows you to easily run all your electrical appliances like a refrigerator, LED’s, air conditioners, multiple fans, lights and various other appliances except for a 2-ton air conditioner.

A 3kW solar system comprises 9 solar panels that will produce either 12 units per day or 360 units per month.

Types of 3kW solar system and their prices in India

When it comes to installing a 3kW solar system at your place, there are 3 types of solar systems to choose from that are mentioned hereunder.

On-grid solar system:

This type of 3kW solar system operates with an electric grid and hence referred to as an on-grid solar system. The connection is usually made with the outside electric grid and hence most preferred by individuals who wish to take government subsidies in electric connections, net metering and many more.

On-grid solar panel for home 3kw price in India

An approximate 3 kilowatt solar panel price in India ranges between Rs 1,80,000 to Rs 2,45,000, depending upon the quality of the solar panels and the brand of the solar system you are purchasing.

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Off-grid solar system:

An off-Grid 3kW solar system is that one which does not need an electrical grid for its functionality. Rather, these panels of this solar system work on a battery that provides power to disseminate and accumulate solar energy. Even when the grid goes off, the system battery will be there for the energy supply.

Off-grid solar panel for home 3kw price in India

Including the cost of installation, the approximate cost for which you can get an off-grid solar system in India is Rs 2,40,000.

Hybrid 3kW Solar System:

A 3kW hybrid solar system is the combined association of both an on-grid and off-grid solar system. This majorly assists individuals to take benefits of both kinds of connections.

Hybrid solar panel for home 3kw price in India

Since this hybrid solar system provides the advantages of both off-grid and on-grid systems, it comes a bit costlier. The cost you can get along with the installation charges in India is around Rs. 2,70,000 to Rs. 3,00,000.

Switching to solar energy is the best way to save on utility bills, and this is why many people are leveraging the world of solar energy. Waaree Energies Ltd. is a leading name when it comes to solar energy in India. It can assist you with all your solar system purchases along with its installation and maintenance at the most cost-effective price range.

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