2020 was the year when Mumbaikars faced a massive change in their budgets. No, this was not because of the mandatory lockdown in place. This was because private electricity suppliers charged a very high number for electricity bills. Celebrities like Asha Bhosle, Taapsee Pannu, and Arshad Warsi protested against the same on Twitter.

Consider Reshma, whose children often leave the fans and ACs on without any reason. Reshma is a middle-aged homemaker from Pune. Her children's carelessness has led to an increase in her expenses.

It is not just Reshma who wants to understand how to reduce electricity bills. The numbers are high, but they can be minimized.

Here is a realistic guide on how to save on electric bill by 50% for your home:

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio of Appliances

Every appliance comes with an EER or energy efficiency ratio. Depending on this, you know how much energy it will consume. Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances is always a good idea.

For instance, you should always choose less power-consuming energy appliances with more efficiency. Thus you can save some bucks and live a more sustainable life. Before buying an appliance, you must always consider the star rating on it. That star rating tells you if you have an energy-efficient appliance or not.

Opt for solar energy

Needless to say that solar energy is your best bet on saving money on electricity bills. Solar energy is more developed now than it was a decade ago. It is not something that your child needs to make for a science exhibition. Solar energy is bigger than that. You can upgrade your entire house with solar panels, chargers, and generators. These are simple to set and can do anything from charging your laptop to giving you light.

If you want to know how to save on electricity bills, solar energy is your answer. It lets you live sustainably and is much better for the planet than thermal-generated electricity. The government of India encourages the use of solar panels and often sets up such lights in villages. So, yes, if the government is doing it, you can do it too.

Usage of smart home appliances

To know how to reduce electricity bills, you must be aware of technological optimization. This sounds complicated, but it isn't. All this means is that you have a house full of modern appliances. These appliances are 'smart' and know when to switch off in case of excess consumption. Such things may include a Sensor LED bulb, Water Tank Filling Alarm, or Automatic Press, among other things. These might sound expensive, but they are investments. You get good returns by saving some bucks on electricity bills.

Everyone must know how to reduce the electricity bill in a home for sustainable living. For more details about opting for solar energy, contact Waaree, India's leading sellers of solar energy appliances, which can save you some bucks.

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