Solar energy is the future for renewable sources. With rapidly growing technology, experts are now able to provide solar systems in extended sizes. A 2kW solar panel, commonly used to procure electricity throughout the day, is available for sale from solar energy retailers. 2kW on-grid solar system price in India is calculated by the efficiency and quality of the product.

About a 2kW On-grid solar system

Solar systems are measured in kilowatts (kW), which is the amount of power they can produce in a single second. The typical solar panel installation in a home is 5 kW or around 20 solar panels. This is fantastic, but what exactly does kW stand for?

Due to weather, dirt on the panels, and inefficiency of the inverter, wiring, and wire connections, a 2 kW system installed on your roof will produce less than 2 kW of actual power. To account for these losses, according to a solar panel for home 2kW price in India, the National Renewable Energy Lab recommends boosting a solar system’s output by 86 percent.

About the product

Solar panels that convert sunlight into electric power under solar radiation are used to charge off-grid solar power systems. In remote places where grid electricity is scarce, a 2KW off-grid solar PV system may supply most house appliances.

2kW Solar Power Systems are an excellent choice for those who consume moderate electricity and live in tiny houses. They’re especially well-suited to small families and couples.

The  2kW on-grid solar system price in India is utilized by the following appliances commonly used in homes.

Appliance being used



475 watts


50 watts

10 LED

90 watts

Air Conditioner

1000 watts

Garage Door Opener

350 watts


1965 watts

How many panels does it have?

A 2kW system contains six solar panels, making it an excellent option for a modest home. Because 250W panels are around 1.6m by 1m, you’ll require a roof space of at least 13m2.

Price range

If you are looking to install a solar panel for a home, the 2kW price in India would cost you an average of 120000/- with subsidy.

On the payment of the 2kW solar panel price in Chennai, the system will be set up in your house. Daily, this system generates 8 units of energy.

Advantages of 2kW On Grid Solar System
  • Complementing Solar Power, Grid-Electricity, and Batteries.
  • Automatic Recognition for Grid-Electricity is ready to use/function.
  • Standard Pure Sine Wave Output at Full Power.
  • Under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, and over-heat protection are some of the features available.
  • Intelligent LCD Display.
  • Automatic switching, automatic recovery, and unattended operation are all available.

A 2kW solar system can pay for itself in four years if you get a top-quality system. However, you will begin to save money on your power costs as soon as the system is installed. The amount you save is determined by the quality of the system. Higher-quality systems create more power over time, resulting in fantastic outcomes even after your system has been paid for.

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