Energy has become an essential part of our life, providing convenience and comfort through various mediums. There are multiple sources of energy in the world, out of which solar power has been the most sustainable and beneficial energy source. There are abundant uses of solar energy that makes it even more compelling. Solar power is eco-friendly and saves substantial money in the long run, creating a win-win situation.

However, many people worldwide are changing to the alternative power generation method of solar energy, where solar power can be obtained without installing panels on the roof. There are several reasons why a lot of people do not want solar panels on their roofs:

  • To maintain the aesthetics of the house that might be tainted with large panels
  • The cost of installing solar panels on the roof is extravagant
  • The homeowner or landlord does not permit the installation
  • The location of the house is such that another building obstructs the sun rays.

Nonetheless, with evolving technology, none of these reasons is a barrier to obtaining solar power. Many sources have emerged that require solar panels not on roof but on devices we use daily to generate solar energy.

12 Ways to Obtain Solar Power without Solar Panels on the Roof

  1. Ground Mounted Solar Power
  2. Ground-mounted solar power is an alternative where the panels are installed directly on the ground. The panels are attached to poles that can be adjusted as per the land. The panels are positioned to acquire the maximum amount of sunlight.

  3. Solar Power Adapters/Converters
  4. Solar power converter is a device that allows you to purchase solar energy from a certified solar farm in your state. There are several large solar farms around India. The device measures your energy usage and acquires equivalent solar energy. This method enables you to obtain solar energy without owning an entire solar grid.

  5. Solar Sharing Networks
  6. Under this option, there are two ways to create a solar power-sharing network:

    • The first option you can consider is owning a solar farm by sharing the cost of construction amongst a group or a community. You can offer solar energy to companies or industries and earn credit with a solar farm.
    • The second option is to share the energy with your neighbors who have solar panels on their roofs for a fee. This is the easiest way of getting solar power without panels.

  7. Solar Cookers
  8. Solar cookers are an innovative way to showcase abundant uses of solar energy. Solar panels are mounted around the cooker or the utensil that needs to be heated for solar cookers. The panels absorb direct light from the sun and heat the cooker.

  9. Connection to Solar Grids
  10. The Government is building several solar grids for public and private entities. To invest in alternative power generation of solar energy, you can connect to the solar grid and obtain energy just like normal electricity. This is a pocket-friendly and hassle-free alternative.

  11. Solar Energy Plug
  12. An interesting substitute for solar panels not on the roof is a solar power plug. It is a portable plug that provides an outlet to plug-in electronic devices. The plug must be mounted in an area that gets adequate sunlight, like a wall, a window, etc. The device absorbs sunlight and provides energy to the attached devices.

  13. Solar Backpacks
  14. A great addition to the list of alternatives is a solar power backpack. These backpacks have solar panels attached to the front, storing energy for travelling. The stored energy may be used to charge devices. Also, the backpack is waterproof and sturdy, perfect for a long trek. The Waaree Solar Bag VX is a phenomenal option to travel with an on-the-go energy source.

  15. Solar Power Lights
  16. Solar lights do not require solar panels to be mounted on roofs and walls. The lights have individual solar panels that charge up during the day and last up to 12 hours. These lights are popularly used in areas with many electricity shortages, and lights go off frequently at night.

  17. Solar Chargers
  18. Mobile and tablet solar chargers are common solar devices these days. The construction is simple, with a solar panel attached that stores energy and has an outlet to charge devices with. The Waaree Solar Mobile Charger is a leading solar charger amongst others.

  19. Portable Solar Generators
  20. Solar generators convert solar energy into electric energy, providing you with electricity when there is a power cut or electricity shortage. One of the biggest advantages of this generator is its portable nature.

  21. Solar Devices that Charge with Sunlight
  22. With advancements in technology, many basic smart devices have an in-built battery that charges using sunlight. You have to walk with the device under the sun, and the device gets charged. The solar battery has a battery life of up to 12 hours.

  23. Solar Bikes and Watches
  24. Solar energy is utilized through solar bikes and watches as well. Solar bikes have solar panels attached to the bike that gets charged while being stationary. The motor in the bike uses the energy and omits the need for pedaling. Additionally, solar watches are available in the market that have panels behind the crystal, recharging the watch at night.

With plenty of inventions in the solar power sector, procuring the benefits of solar power without panels has become simpler and affordable. The rural areas of India are utilizing solar energy to improve their lives. Many more solar innovations are expected to come, like solar roadways that will be paved with glass solar panels.

To facilitate the spread of solar goodness, the Waaree Group, founder of India’s largest Solar PV Module, offers various solar power products, EPC services, rooftop solutions, etc. We aim to introduce solar power and its advantages to people unaware of them or to people who are hesitant to invest in solar energy. To become a part of the solar community without having huge roof panels, check out Waaree today!

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