People are enclosed by plenty of sustainable energies, particularly solar energy, which holds the potential to be employed year-long. However, there are still a lot of myths encompassing the advantages of solar energy, and It is now time to eliminate that uncertainty and myths of solar energy to enhance its future scope.

Top 10 common myths and facts of solar energy

To make people aware of solar energy facts, mentioned below are some common myths of solar energy and their actual reality.

1. Myth: Solar panels do not operate in cold or cloudy weather


Fact: Solar panels are designed to function in cloudy and even cold weather conditions efficiently. The latest technologies adopted in solar panels enable them to operate productively and even more efficiently in colder and cloudy temperatures than hotter ones.

2. Myth: Solar energy can still power a home when the electricity goes out


Fact: If you have opted for an on-grid solar system, the grid system goes out when there is no power as it is unsafe to run power to circuits that power operators are attempting to fix.

3. Myth: Solar energy is expensive


Fact: According to the recent stats, investments in solar systems have exceptionally increased as they are growing to be more affordable and economically viable.

4. Myth: Installing solar is complex and demands heavy maintenance


Fact: Solar panel installation is comparatively easy as long as you are working with a dependable manufacturer. Also, if your solar system is attached to the proper utility grid, then the maintenance of solar panels becomes extremely easy.

5. Myth: Solar panels will damage the roof


Fact: Solar panels actually protect and preserve the roof by covering it, and there is no damage because the panels are fixed to the ground and can easily be detached.

6. Myth: Excess power can be saved in batteries


Fact: If you rely on the grid, your solar system is attached to the power grid. Therefore you would get the advantage of a net metering system without worrying about excess power storage.

7. Myth: Reselling your house will be difficult with solar panels


Fact: This is just another myth as, according to some latest reports, solar panels actually improve the value of your property.

8. Myth: Solar panel charges are based on your home size


Fact: Solar panels are designed in a way to match the particular requirements of every homeowner, and hence the charges are based on the extent of requirements and not the size of their home.

9. Myth: Coal is better than solar energy


Fact: Solar power is a more unadulterated form of power than coal is usually considered as one of the filthiest fossil fuels that damage the ecosystem.

10. Myth: Solar panels are bad for the environment after a certain period


Fact: Solar panels are designed to be easily recyclable, and hence there is no harm to the ecosystem.

Solar energy is one of the most beneficial forms of renewable energy that people must readily adapt to save up on their utility bills and protect the environment. Waaree Energies Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels in India, provides reliable and standard solar-powered products. Solar panels manufactured by Waaree withstand any challenges.

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